Random Quotes

Stephen Vincent Benét

These I see, blazing through all eternity, a fire-winged sign, a glorious tree!

David Salzer Broder

Even before a word was spoken ? let alone the eloquent words that have echoed down through history ? it had become absolutely evident from the people themselves that achieving civil rights would be the way to heal, not damage, the country.

Ramon Llul, aka Raymond Lully, Raymond Lull, Raimundus, Raymundus Lullus or Lullius

Your love, which is perfect in Your perfect goodness, greatness, eternity, power, wisdom ? that love of Yours, O Lord, I worship and love, and do it, with all my will, with all the strength of my intellect and with all that Your love has seen fit to give me, I give everything, O Lord, to serve and honor and praise Your love every day of my life.

George Bernard Shaw

HENRY HIGGINS: Women are irrational, that's all there is to that! Their heads are full of cotton, hay, and rags. They're nothing but exasperating, irritating, vacillating, calculating, agitating, maddening and infuriating hags!

Italian Proverbs

No one ever became poor through giving alms.

David Whyte

What is precious inside us does not care to be known by the mind in ways that diminish its presence.

William Cowper

Blind unbelief is sure to err, and scan his work in vain; god is his own interpreter, and he will make it plain.

Paramahansa Yogananda, born Mukunda Lal Ghosh

Release for constructive purposes the power you already have, and more will come. Move on your path with unflinching determination, using all the attributes of success. Tune yourself with the creative power of spirit.

Romanian Proverbs

Before you find God, you will be eaten by saints.

Richard Dawkins

Christianity, just as much as Islam, teaches children that unquestioned faith is a virtue. You don't have to make the case for what you believe. If somebody announces that it is part of his faith, the rest of society, whether of the same faith, or another, or of none, is obliged, by ingrained custom, to respect it without question; respect it until the day it manifests itself in a horrible massacre like the destruction of the World Trade Center, or the London or Madrid bombings.

William Shakespeare

Our rash faults Make trivial price of serious thing we have, Not knowing them until we know their grave. All's Well That Ends Well (King of France at V, iii)

Georges Bataille, fully Georges Albert Maurice Victor Bataille

Concern for this or that limited good can sometimes lead to the summit... But this occurs in a roundabout way. Moral ends ? are distinct from any excesses they occasion. States of glory and moments of sacredness surpass results intentionally sought.

Portuguese Proverbs

What doesn't have any remedy is no longer a problem.

Lewis Carroll, pseudonym for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

I warn you, dear child. If I lose my temper, you lose your head. Understand?

William Shakespeare

The sun was not so true unto the day as he to me.

Marshall McLuhan, fully Herbert Marshall McLuhan

Control over change would seem to consist in moving not with it but ahead of it.

Hindu Proverbs

Waste makes want.

Swahili Proverbs

It will cost money. Indirectly: Money is the cause of trouble.

Joseph Addison

The moderns cannot reach their beauties, but can avoid their imperfections.

J. R. R. Tolkien, fully John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

Alas! there are some wounds that cannot be wholly cured, said Gandalf.

Wumen Huikai

Ten thousand flowers in spring,
the moon in autumn,
a cool breeze in summer,
snow in winter.

If your mind isn't clouded
by unnecessary things,
this is the best season of your life.

Portuguese Proverbs

Only a bull knows best its own desires and can best supply them.

Walter Mondale, fully Walter Frederick "Fritz" Mondale

That's the course that the first President Bush took in the Gulf War, and that's where Paul Wellstone stood, and that's where I will stand in the United States Senate.

Gunnar Myrdal, fully Karl Gunnar Myrdal

It Is in the Agricultural Sector That the Battle for Long- Term Economic Development Will Be Won or Lost.

Thomas Jefferson

Those who would trade safety for freedom deserve neither.