Random Quotes

William Howard Taft

Unless education promotes character making, unless it helps men to be more moral, more just to their fellows, more law abiding, more discriminatingly patriotic and public spirited, it is not worth the trouble taken to furnish it.

English Proverbs

You can't make bricks without straw.

Pablo Neruda, pen name for Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto

Under your ski the moon is alive.

Shivananda, fully Swami Shivananda, born Tarak Nath Ghosal, aka Mahapurush Maharaj (Great Soul)

Wet dream and voluntary copulation?A vital difference. A sexual act shatters the nervous system. The whole nervous system is shaken or agitated during the act. There is excessive loss of energy. More energy is wasted during coition. But it is not so when emission occurs during the dreaming state. In a wet dream, it may be the outflow of the prostatic juice only. Even if there is loss of the vital fluid, there is not much draining. The actual essence does not come out during wet dreams. It is only the watery prostatic juice with a little semen that is discharged during nocturnal pollutions. When nocturnal emission takes place, the mind which was working in the inner astral body suddenly enters the physical body vehemently in an agitated condition. That is the reason why emission takes place suddenly. The night discharge may not stimulate the sexual desire. But a voluntary copulation, in the case of a sincere aspirant is highly detrimental to his spiritual progress. The Samskara created by the act will be very deep; and it will intensify or strengthen the force of the previous Samskaras that are already imbedded in the subconscious mind and will stimulate the sexual desire. It will be like pouring ghee in the fire that is slowly getting extinguished. The task of obliterating this new Samskara will be an uphill work. You should completely give up copulation. This mind will try to delude you in a variety of ways by giving wrong counsel. Be on the alert. Do not hear its voice, but try to hear the voice of the conscience or the voice of the soul or the voice of discrimination.

Ronald Reagan, fully Ronald Wilson Reagan

This country was founded and built by people with great dreams and the courage to take great risks.

William (Morley Punshon) McFee

It is extraordinary how many emotional storms one may weather in safety if one is ballasted with ever so little gold.

Rita Levi-Montalcini

My experience in childhood and adolescence of the subordinate role played by the female in a society run entirely by men had convinced me that I was not cut out to be a wife.

Gottfried Leibniz, fully Gottfried Wilhalm von Leibniz, Baron von Leibnitz

The notion of the world’s being a great machine going on without the interposition of God… is the notion of material and fate… to exclude providence and God’s government in reality out of the world.

Madeleine Albright, fully Madeleine Korbelová Albright, born Marie Jana Korbelová

Gender-based discrimination is neither inevitable nor acceptable; bigotry and chauvinism can be overcome.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

One can live in this world on soothsaying but not on truth saying.

Will Rogers, fully William Penn Adair "Will" Rogers

Call me a “rube” and a “hick,” but I’d lot rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the man who sold it.

Samuel Johnson, aka Doctor Johnson

A man who both spends and saves money is the happiest man, because he has both enjoyments.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, fully Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoevsky or Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevski

We are the people with the whims of tyrants. We do not forgive just a change in the face. God knows why this is the face that has changed.

Ram Dass, aka Baba Ram Dass, born Richard Alpert

Be patient. You'll know when it's time for you to wake up and move ahead.

Persian Proverbs

Whatever you eat will rot, whatever you give will blossom into a rose.

Niccolò Machiavelli, formally Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli

All the States and Governments by which men are or ever have been ruled, have been and are either Republics or Princedoms.

Samuel Johnson, aka Doctor Johnson

To tell our own secrets is generally folly, but that folly is without guilt; to communicate those with which we are intrusted is always treachery, and treachery for the most part combined with folly.

Randall Jarrell

If you've been put in your place long enough you begin to act like the place.

Mark Twain, pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Do something every day that you don?t want to do; this is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain.

Nicholas D. Kristof, fully Nicholas Donabet Kristof

Women aged fifteen through forty-four are more likely to be maimed or die from male violence than from cancer, malaria, traffic accidents, and war combined.

Newt Gingrich, fully Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich, born Newton Leroy McPherson

One morning, just like 9/11, there's going to be a disaster. I have yet to see the United Nations do anything effective with either Iran or North Korea.

Ursula Le Guin, fully Ursula Kroeber Le Guin

It is hard, I found, to be called traitor. Strange how hard it is, for it's an easy name to call another man.

George Sewell

For often vice, provoked to shame, borrows the color of a virtuous deed; thus libertines are chaste, and misers good, a coward valiant, and a priest sincere.

Gerry Spence

As we drive down the freeways, we see the new cars, but not the massive new-car loans that enslave their drivers to the banks.

Subhadra Bhikshu, pen name for Friedrich Zimmermann

Buddhism teaches the reign of perfect goodness and wisdom without a personal God, continuance of individuality without an immortal soul, eternal happiness without a local heaven, the way of salvation without a vicarious Savior, redemption worked out by each one himself without any prayers, sacrifices and penances, without the ministry of ordained priests, without the intercession of saints, without Divine mercy. Finally, it teaches the supreme perfection is attainable even in this life and on this earth.