Random Quotes

Mark Twain, pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Carlyle said a lie cannot live. It shows that he did not know how to tell them. If I had taken out a life policy on this one the premiums would have bankrupted me ages ago.

Helen Keller. aka Helen Adams Keller

Be happy. Talk happiness. Happiness calls out responsive gladness in others. There is enough sadness in the world without yours...never doubt the excellence and permanence of what is yet to be. Join the great company of those who make the barren place.

Viktor Frankl, fully Viktor Emil Frankl

I refer to what is called mysterium iniquitatis, meaning, as I see it, that a crime in the final analysis remains inexplicable inasmuch as it cannot be fully traced back to biological, psychological and/or sociological factors. Totally explaining one’s crime would be tantamount to explaining away his or her guilt and to seeing in him or her not a free and responsible human being but a machine to be repaired. Even criminals themselves abhor this treatment and prefer to be held responsible for their deeds. From a convict serving his sentence in an Illinois penitentiary I received a letter in which he deplored that 'the criminal never has a chance to explain himself. He is offered a variety of excuses to choose from. Society is blamed and in many instances the blame is put on the victim.

William Makepeace Thackeray

When I say that I know women, I mean I know that I don't know them. Every single woman I ever knew is a puzzle to me, as, I have no doubt, she is to herself.

Viktor Frankl, fully Viktor Emil Frankl

But the most powerful arguments in favor of 'a tragic optimism' are those which in Latin are called argumenta ad hominem. Jerry Long, to cite an example, is a living testimony to 'the defiant power of the Spirit' . . . To quote the Texarkana Gazette, 'Jerry Long has been paralyzed from his neck down since a diving accident which rendered him a quadriplegic three years ago. He was 17 when the accident occurred. Today Long can use his mouth stick to type. He attends two courses at Community College via a special telephone. The intercom allows Long to both hear and participate in class discussions. He also occupies his time by reading, watching television and writing.' And in a letter I received from him, he writes: 'I view my life as being abundant with meaning and purpose. The attitude that I adopted on that fateful day has become my personal credo for life: I broke my neck, it didn't break me. I am currently enrolled in my first psychology course in college. I believe that my handicap will only enhance my ability to help others. I know that without the suffering, the growth that I have achieved would have been impossible.'

Neil Peart

I had spindly little ankles, and growing up in Canada, I couldn't skate. I was no good at any sports so was very much a pariah through those adolescent years.

Geoffrey Chaucer

He that loveth God will do diligence to please God by his works, and abandon himself, with all his might, well for to do.

Jules Ormont

A great leader never sets himself above his followers except in carrying the responsibilities.

Paulo Coelho

You have understood what all great painters understand: in order to forget the rules, you must know them and respect them.

Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, sometimes known as Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam

Of two evils choose the least.

William James

A new position of responsibility will usually show a man to be a far stronger creature than was supposed.

William Blake

I thought love lived in the hot sunshine, but o, he lives in the moony light! I thought to find love in the heat of day, but sweet love is the comforter of night.

Mitch Albom, fully Mitchell David "Mitch" Albom

Small towns are like metronomes; with the slightest flick, the beat changes.

Robert McNamara, fully Robert Strange McNamara

After the action got under way, and unanticipated events forced us off our planned course ? we did not fully explain what was happening, and why we were doing what we did.

Andrew McAfee

Invest in education. Start by simply paying teachers more so that more of the best and the brightest sign up for this profession, as they do in many other nations. American teachers make 40% less than the average college graduate. Teachers are some of America’s most important wealth creators. Increasing the quantity and quality of skilled labor provides a double win by boosting economic growth and reducing income inequality.

Author 187319

Destiny is consistently in our own hands. We did not create the choices, but we certainly have the power to exercise them. We did not make God, but we certainly know Him. We did not make Love, but we can certainly become it.

Robert Louis Stevenson, fully Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson

There is an idea abroad among moral people that they should make their neighbors good. One person I have to make good: Myself. But my duty to my neighbor is much more nearly expressed by saying that I have to make him happy if I may.

Mark Twain, pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Adam and Eve entered the world naked and unashamed - naked and pure-minded. And no descendant of theirs has ever entered it otherwise. All have entered it naked, unashamed, and clean in mind. They entered it modest. They had to acquire immodesty in the soiled mind, there was no other way to get it... The convention mis-called modesty has no standard, and cannot have one, because it is opposed to nature and reason and is therefore an artificiality and subject to anyone's whim - anyone's diseased caprice.

Jamaican Proverbs

Too much hurry, and get there tomorrow; take time, get there today.

Eric Hobsbawm, fully Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm

It is the contrast between the constant change and innovation of the modern world and the attempt to structure at least some parts of social life within it as unchanging and invariant, that makes the ?invention of tradition? so interesting for historians of the past two centuries.

A. R. Ammons, fully Archie Randolph Ammons

Poetry leads us to the unstructured sources of our beings, to the unknown, and returns us to our rational, structured selves refreshed. Having once experienced the mystery, plenitude, contradiction, and composure of a work of art, we afterward have a built-in resistance to the slogans and propaganda of oversimplification that have often contributed to the destruction of human life. Poetry is a verbal means to a nonverbal source. It is a motion to no-motion, to the still point of contemplation and deep realization.

German Proverbs

Who would win, must learn to bear.

Paulo Coelho

If I believe I will win, then victory will believe in me.

Seneca the Younger, aka Seneca or Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Extreme remedies are never the first to be resorted to.

Jon Rappoport

Globalists are shrinking the worldwide consumer base. They want a chaos-ridden dystopia, which they will control with an iron hand.