Random Quotes

Arthur Golden

His face was very heavily creased, and into each crease he had tucked some worry or other, so that it wasn't really his face any longer, but more like a tree that had nests of birds in all of the branches. He had to struggle constantly to manage it and always looked worn out from the effort.

Montel Williams

I was very much afraid that by coming forward it was going to affect my career. That's what I was worried about. And that's exactly what happened.

Sherwood Anderson

From the place by the railing at the edge of the tracks on the summer evening I return across the city to my own room. I am vividly aware of my own life that escaped the winter on the boat. How many such lives I have lived. Then I only made a dollar and a half a day and now I sometimes make more than that in a few minutes. How wonderful to be able to write words... Again I begin the endless game of reconstructing my own life, jerking it out of the shell that dies, striving to breathe into it beauty and meaning. ... I wonder why my life, why all lives, are not more beautiful.

Maureen Dowd, fully Maureen Bridgid Dowd

Military guys are rarely as smart as they think they are, and they've never gotten over the fact that civilians run the military.

Steven Pinker, fully Steven Arthur Pinker

Rule Seventeen. Omit needless words! Omit needless words! Omit needless words!

Alan Lightman, fully Alan Paige Lightman

Then there are those who think their bodies don't exist. They live by mechanical time. They rise at seven o'clock in the morning. They eat their lunch at noon and their supper at six. They arrive at their appointments on time, precisely by the clock. They make love between eight and ten at night. They work forty hours a week, read the Sunday paper on Sunday, play chess on Tuesday nights. When their stomach growls, they look at their watch to see if it is time to eat. When they begin to lose themselves in a concert, they look at the clock above the stage to see when it will be time to go home. They know that the body is not a thing of wild magic, but a collection of chemicals, tissues, and nerve impulses. Thoughts are no more than electrical surges in the brain. Sexual arousal is no more than a flow of chemicals to certain nerve endings. Sadness no more than a bit of acid transfixed in the cerebellum. In short, the body is a machine, subject to the same laws of electricity and mechanics as an electron or clock. As such, the body must be addressed in the language of physics. And if the body speaks, it is the speaking only of so many levers and forces. The body is a thing to be ordered, not obeyed.

Elizabeth Gilbert

I thought of how many people go to their graves unforgiven and unforgiving. I thought of how many people have had siblings or friends or children or lovers disappear from their lives before precious words of clemency or absolution could be passed along. How do the survivors of terminated relationships ever endure the pain of unfinished business?

Mark Strand

Poetry is, first and last, language - the rest is filler.

Robert Anton Wilson, aka Bob, born Robert Edward Wilson

No, they were not exactly automatons, but they did not know what they were doing. They take down a boy?s britches. They stare at his buttocks. They cane him until the buttocks bleed. And they believe this is virtue, because it is done in a school, and it becomes vice only if it is done in a place with a red lantern over the door.

John Dryden

Love is love's reward.

Vedas, The Vedas

A teacher gives knowledge to his student and enlightens him. - Yajur Veda

Ghanaian Proverbs

A woman is like a rat: even if it grows up in your house, it steals from you.

Nathaniel Emmons

There is no vice in nature more debasing and destructive to men than intemperance. It robs them of their reason, reputation, and interest. It renders them unfit for human society. It degrades them below the beasts that perish, and justly exposes them to universal odium and contempt.

Ernie Banks, fully Ernest "Ernie" Banks, nicknamed "Mr. Cub" and "Mr. Sunshine"

The riches of the game are in the thrills, not the money.

Nikola Tesla

Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world.

National Commission on Excellence in Education

Each generation of Americans has outstripped its parents in education, in literacy, and in economic attainment. For the first time in the history of our country, the educational skills of one generation will not surpass, will not equal, will not even approach, those of their parents.

Mark Twain, pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens

All I care to know about a man is that he is a human being... he can't be any worse.

William Dean Howells

Times when a man's city was a man's country.

Paulin Limayrac

The heart of a young woman in love is a golden sanctuary which often enshrines an idol of clay.

Polish Proverbs

Money is a powerful aphrodisiac. But flowers work almost as well.

Persian Proverbs

A wise man can laugh at his jokes.

T. S. Eliot, fully Thomas Sterns Eliot

She laughed I was aware of becoming involved in her laughter and being part of it, until her teeth were only accidental stars with a talent for squad-drill. I was drawn in by short gasps, inhaled at each momentary recovery, lost finally in the dark caverns of her throat, bruised by the ripple of unseen muscles. An elderly waiter with trembling hands was hurriedly spreading a pink and white checked cloth over the rusty green iron table, saying: If the lady and gentleman wish to take their tea in the garden, if the lady and gentleman wish to take their tea in the garden ... I decided that if the shaking of her breasts could be stopped, some of the fragments of the afternoon might be collected, and I concentrated my attention with careful subtlety to this end.

Samuel Alexander

The interval between a cold expectation and a warm desire may be filled by expectations of varying degrees of warmth or by desires of varying degrees of coldness.

Paulo Freire

The culture of the dominant class hinders the affirmation of men as beings of decision.

William Hazlitt

We prefer a person with vivacity and high spirits, though bordering up on insolence, to the timid and pusillanimous; we are fonder of wit joined to malice than of dullness without it.