Random Quotes

Japanese Proverbs

Even gaki (prˆtas) can make a crowd.

Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Oxford

Men are often capable of greater things than they perform - They are sent into the world with bills of credit, and seldom draw to their full extent.

Mignon McLaughlin

What a shame that allowances have to stop with the teens: both those that are paid to us and those that are made for us.

Malcolm Gladwell

Talent is the desire to practice.

William Shakespeare

O Mistress mine, where are you roaming? O, stay and hear; your true love's coming,that can sing both high and low: trip no further, pretty sweeting; journeys end in lovers meeting, every wise man's son doth know. What is love? 'Tis not hereafter; present mirth hath present laughter; what's to come is still unsure: in delay there lies not plenty; then, come kiss me, sweet and twenty, youth's a stuff will not endure. Feste, scene iii

Anne Lamott

Does sunset sometimes look like the sun is coming up? Do you know what a faithful love is like? You?re crying; you say you?ve burned yourself. But can you think of anyone who?s not hazy with smoke? ?Rumi

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Writing is agony for me. I work at it eight hours every day, hoping to get six pages, but I am satisfied with three.

Krista Tippett

This is the opposite of a healing story ? it?s a story that perceives scarcity in the midst of abundance. I have love in my life, many forms of loving. As I settled into singleness, I grew saner, kinder, more generous, more loving in untheatrical everyday ways. I can?t name the day when I suddenly realized that the lack of love in my life was not a reality but a poverty of imagination and a carelessly narrow use of an essential word.

Martin Amis, fully Martin Louis Amis

I?m sitting in the prow-shaped dining room of a tourist steamer, the Georgi Zhukov, on the Yenisei River, which flows from the foothills of Mongolia to the Arctic Ocean, thus cleaving the northern Eurasian plain ? a distance of some two and a half thousand versts. Given Russian distances, and the general arduousness of Russian life, you?d expect a verst to be the equivalent of ? I don?t know ? thirty-nine miles. In fact it?s barely more than a kilometer.

Scottish Proverbs

Gentle servants is rich men's tinsel.

Virgil, also Vergil, fully Publius Vergilius Maro

In vain have you tried your father's arts, you slippery one.

Margaret Atwood, fully Margaret Eleanor Atwood

Was this a betrayal, or was it an act of courage? Perhaps both. Neither one involves forethought: such things take place in an instant, in an eye-blink. This can only be because they have been rehearsed by us already, over and over, in silence and darkness; in such silence, such darkness, that we are ignorant of them ourselves. Blind but sure-footed, we step forward as if into a remembered dance.

Herbie Hancock, fully Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock

I was excited about the possibility of going to New York.

Terence, full Latin name Publius Terentius Afer

I think to a certain extent the market can live with fourth-quarter earnings which are not necessarily stellar... Provided some of the forward-looking statements provide an underlying basis for the optimism that we have.

Vedas, The Vedas

People, who keep themselves and their surroundings clean seldom fall sick. - Sama Veda

Debasish Mrida

Education enhances the power of experience and the beauty of life.

Saki, pen name for Hector Hugh Munro or H.H. Munro

She took to telling the truth; she said she was forty-two and five months. It may have been pleasing to the angels, but her elder sister was not gratified.

Anandamayi Ma, fully Sri Anandamayi Ma, also Anandamayee Ma or Anandamoyi Ma

Restlessness and serenity both are aspects of the mind.

Bette Davis, Ruth Elizabeth "Bette" Davis

The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he's dead.

Nisargadatta Maharaj, fully Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli

Love says "I am everything". Wisdom says "I am nothing". Between the two, my life flows. Since at any point of time and space I can be both the subject and the object of experience, I express it by saying that I am both, and neither, and beyond both.

Harry Browne, fully Harry Edson Browne

Marijuana is very effective in relieving chronic pain; alleviating nausea for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy; and treating glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and other medical conditions. No one has ever been known to die from smoking marijuana, and no scientific study has indicated that smoking marijuana leads inevitably to heavier drugs. But the Drug Warriors prefer to let patients suffer, rather than acknowledge that marijuana isn’t an unconditional evil.

Yoruba Proverbs

The apparel of the person who promises clothing me will testify.

Jack Kerouac, born Jean-Louis Lebris de Kérouac

Hope is a word like a snowdrift - This is the Great Knowing, this is the Awakening, this is Voidness - So shut up, live, travel, adventure, bless and don't be sorry.

Buckminster Fuller, fully Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller

What usually happens in the educational process is that the faculties are dulled, overloaded, stuffed and paralyzed so that by the time most people are mature they have lost their innate capabilities.

Stanislaw Lec, fully Stanisław Jerzy Lec, born Baron Stanisław Jerzy de Tusch-Letz

First of all, I choose the great roles, and if none of these come, I choose the mediocre ones, and if they don't come, I choose the ones that pay the rent.