Random Quotes

Washington Irving

Enthusiasts soon understand each other.

Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov or Soloviev

The true prophet is a social worker who is absolutely independent, and neither fears nor submits to, anything external.

Welsh Proverbs

Too much pudding will choke a dog.

Susan Cain

Every small step is a giant stride in a child?s world.

Bertrand Russell, fully Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell

Passionate beliefs produce either progress or disaster, not stability. Science, even when it attacks traditional beliefs, has beliefs of its own, and can scarcely flourish in an atmosphere of literary skepticism. ? And without science, democracy is impossible.

Herman Hesse

Then the Yogi suddenly fell silent, and when I looked puzzled he shrugged and said: ?Don?t you see yourself where the fault lies?? But I could not see it. At this point he recapitulated with astonishing exactness everything he had learned from me by his questioning. He went back to the first signs of fatigue, repugnance, and intellectual constipation, and showed me that this could have happened only to someone who had submerged himself disproportionately in his studies and that it was high time for me to recover my self-control, and to regain my energy with outside help. Since I had taken the liberty of discontinuing my regular meditation exercises, he pointed out, I should at least have realized what was wrong as soon as the first evil consequences appeared, and should have resumed meditation. He was perfectly right. I had omitted meditating for quite a while on the grounds that I had no time, was too distracted or out of spirits, or too busy and excited with my studies. Moreover, as time went on I had completely lost all awareness of my continuous sin of omission. Even now, when I was desperate and had almost run aground, it had taken an outsider to remind me of it. As a matter of fact, I was to have the greatest difficulty snapping out of this state of neglect. I had to return to the training routines and beginners? exercises in meditation in order gradually to relearn the art of composing myself and sinking into contemplation. With a small sigh the Magister ceased pacing the room. That is what happened to me, and to this day I am still a little ashamed to talk about it. But the fact is, Joseph, that the more we demand of ourselves, or the more our task at any given time demands of us, the more dependent we are on meditation as a wellspring of energy, as the ever-renewing concord of mind and soul. And ? I could if I wished give you quite a few more examples of this ? the more intensively a task requires our energies, arousing and exalting us at one time, tiring and depressing us at another, the more easily we may come to neglect this wellspring, just as when we are carried away by some intellectual work we easily forget to attend to the body. The really great men in the history of the world have all either known how to meditate or have unconsciously found their way to the place to which meditation leads us. Even the most vigorous and gifted among the others all failed and were defeated in the end because their task or their ambitious dream seized hold of them, made them into persons so possessed that they lost the capacity for liberating themselves from present things, and attaining perspective. Well, you know all this; it?s taught during the first exercises, of course. But it is inexorably true. How inexorably true it is, one realizes only after having gone astray.

Elie Wiesel, fully Eliezer "Elie" Wiesel

There are victories of the soul and spirit. Sometimes, even if you lose, you win.

Milan Kundera

Condemnation of those who do not know what to do, barbaric act.

Alain de Botton

Our greatest furies spring from events which violate our sense of the ground of our existence.

Guiseppe Mazzini

The republic, as I at least understand it, means association, of which liberty is only an element, a necessary antecedent. It means association, a new philosophy of life, a divine Ideal that shall move the world, the only means of regeneration vouchsafed to the human race.

Miguel de Molinos

Vows about doing something are impediments to perfection.

Virginia Woolf, nee Stephen, fully Adeline Virginia Woolf

We all indulge in the strange, pleasant process called thinking, but when it comes to saying, even to someone opposite, what we think, then how little we are able to convey! The phantom is through the mind and out of the window before we can lay salt on its tail, or slowly sinking and returning to the profound darkness which it has lit up momentarily with a wandering light.

Shannon L. Alder

You have two choices in life when it comes to truthful observations by others that anger you: You can be ashamed and cover it up by letting your pride take you in the extreme opposite direction, in order to make the point that they are wrong. Or, you can break down the walls of pride by accepting vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness. As you walk through your vulnerability, you will meet humility on the way to courage. From here, courage allows us to let go of shame and rise higher into the person we are meant to be, not the person that needs to be right. This is the road to confidence and self worth.

Mikhail Baryshnikov, fully Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov, nicknamed "Misha"

Every ballet, whether or not successful artistically or with the public, has given me something important.

Fritjof Capra

We do not need to invent sustainable human communities. We can learn from societies that have lived sustainably for centuries. We can also model communities after nature's ecosystems, which are sustainable communities of plants, animals, and microorganisms. Since the outstanding characteristic of the biosphere is its inherent ability to sustain life, a sustainable human community must be designed in such a manner that its technologies and social institutions honor, support, and cooperate with nature's inherent ability to sustain life.

Shannon L. Alder

Sometimes all you need is one person with a guilty conscience to come forward and do the right thing. Often, the miracle you need resides inside of yourself, when you humbly ask for forgiveness.

Gerry Spence

Genius is not some fortunate arrangement of brain cells. Genius is energy, only directed energy.

Virginia Woolf, nee Stephen, fully Adeline Virginia Woolf

Mental fight means thinking against the current, not with it. It is our business to puncture gas bags and discover the seeds of truth.

Midrash or The Midrash

G-d pairs -- in marriages -- and appoints all destinies.

Niall Ferguson, fully Niall Campbell Douglas Ferguson

President Obama's biggest weakness is weakness.

Spanish Proverbs

Where the wolf gets one lamb he looks for another.

Ramana Maharshi, fully Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

If one scrutinizes one's own Self, which is bliss, there will be no misery at all in one's life. One suffers because of the idea that the body, which is never oneself, is `I'; suffering is all due to this delusion.

Henry Kissinger, fully Henry Alfred Kissinger

The stronger one’s real position, the less one needs to rub in the other side’s discomfiture. It is rarely wise to inflame a setback with an insult. An important aspect of the art of diplomacy consists of doing what is necessary without producing extraneous motives for retaliation, leaving open the option of later cooperation on other issues.

Murasaki Shikibu, aka Lady Murasaki

In a certain reign there was a lady not of the first rank whom the emperor loved more than any of the others. The grand ladies with high ambitions thought her a presumptuous upstart, and lesser ladies were still more resentful. Everything she did offended someone.

Walt Whitman, fully Walter "Walt" Whitman

There is that in me—I do not know what it is—but I know it is in me... I do not know it—it is without name—it is a word unsaid, it is not in any dictionary, utterance, symbol... Do you see O my brothers and sisters? It is not chaos or death—it is form, union, plan—it is eternal life—it is Happiness.