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The best advice I can give to any young man or young woman upon graduation from school can be summed up in exactly eight words, and they are - be honest with yourself and tell the truth. - James A. Farley
Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other, an scarcely in that; for it is true, we may give advice, but we cannot give conduct. Remember this; they that will not be counseled cannot be helped. If you do not hear reason she will rap you over your knuckles. - Benjamin Franklin
A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice. - E. W. Howe, fully Edgar Watson Howe
I lay very little stress either upon asking or giving advice. Generally speaking, they who ask advice know what they wish to do, and remain firm to their intentions. A man may allow himself to be enlightened on various points, even upon matters of expediency and duty; but, after all, he must determine his course of action for himself. -
Advice is seldom welcome. Those who need it most, like it least. -
He who can take advice is sometimes superior to him who can give it. - Karl Ludwig von Knebel
It would truly be a fine thing if men suffered themselves to be guided by reason, that they should acquiesce in the true remonstrances addressed to them by the writings of the learned and the advice of friends. But the greater part are so disposed that the words which enter by one ear do incontinently go out of the other, and begin again by following the custom. The best teacher one can have is necessity. - François de La Noüe
Every man, however wise, needs the advice of some sagacious friend in the affairs of life. - Plautus, full name Titus Maccius Plautus
Many receive advice, only the wise profit by it. - Publius Syrus
Advice may be wrong, but examples prove themselves. -
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