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Great cultural changes begin in affectation and end in routine. -
Affectation proceeds from one of these two causes - vanity or hypocrisy; for as vanity puts us on affecting false characters, in order to purchase applause; so hypocrisy sets us on an endeavor to avoid censure, by concealing our vices under an appearance of their opposite virtues. - Henry Fielding
Affectation in any part of our carriage is lighting up a candle to see our defects, and never fails to make us taken notice of, either as wanting sense or sincerity. - John Locke
Affectation is an awkward and forced Imitation of what should be genuine and easy, wanting the Beauty that accompanies what is natural. - John Locke
The tone of good conversation is brilliant and natural; it is neither tedious nor frivolous; it is instructive without pedantry, gay without tumultuousness, polished without affectation, gallant without insipidity, waggish without equivocation. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
It is remarkable that great affectation and great absence of it (unconsciousness) are at first sight very similar; they are both apt to produce singularity. - Richard Whately
Vanity is the foundation of the most ridiculous and contemptible vices - the vices of affectation and common lying. - Adam Smith
Some are atheists by neglect; others are so by affectation; they that think there is no God at some times do not think so at all times. - Benjamin Whichcote
Affectation is a greater enemy to the face than smallpox. - English Proverbs
In politics, religion is now a name; in art, a hypocrisy or affectation. - John Ruskin
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