Joy is indeed a precious quality which very few experience in their lives. The person who knows how to enjoy life will never grow old no matter how many years he can call his own. It is easy to be happy at specific times, but there is a certain art in being happy and contented every day.

If it weren’t for art, there wouldn’t’ be any science.

Religion and art spring from the same root and are close kin. Economics and art are strangers.

Art does not surpass nature, but only brings it to perfection.

Art is a harmony which runs parallel with nature -- what is one to think of those imbeciles who say that the artist is always inferior to nature?

The artist must penetrate into the world, feel the fate of human beings, of peoples, with real love. There is not art for art's sake. One must be interested in the entire realm of life.

Art is Nature speeded up and God slowed down.

Nothing sublimely artistic has ever arisen out of mere art, any more than anything essentially reasonable has ever arisen out of the pure reason. There must always be a rich moral soil for any great aesthetic growth.

Art-for art's sake (and) art-for-people's sake are equally ridiculous. I suggest art for God's sake.

Art is science made clear.

Art produces ugly things which frequently become beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which have always become ugly with time.

Art neither belongs to religion, nor to ethics; but, like these, it brings us nearer to the Infinite, on of the forms of which it manifests to us. God is the source of all beauty, as of all truth of all religion, of all morality. The most exalted object, therefore, of art is to reveal in its own manner the sentiment of the Infinite.

Moral beauty is the basis of all true beauty. This foundation is somewhat covered and veiled in a nature. Art brings it out, and gives it more transparent forms. It is here and that art, when it knows well its power and resources, engages in a struggle with nature in which it may have the advantage.

The object of art is to crystallize emotion into thought, and then fix it in form.

The art of meditation may be exercised at all hours, and in all places; and men of genius, in their walks at table, and amidst assemblies, turning the eye of the mind inwards, can form an artificial solitude; retired amidst a crowd, calm amidst distraction, and wise amidst folly.

Jealousy is the art of injuring ourselves more than others.

A work of art is an experience, a soul message if you like. It is educational, if you insist, but it educates only the psyche which is ripe and ready to submit to its spell. It is never explicit; it preaches, but only in symbolic terms.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

It was the scientists who first made true democracy possible, for not only did they lighten our daily tasks but they made the finest works of art and thought, whose enjoyment was until recently the privilege of the favored classes, accessible to all.