Émile Souvestre


French Novelist

Author Quotes

What a small dwelling joy can live.

What have you done with the days God granted you?

You may know the game by the lair.

We do not understand that others may live on their own account.

Carn-ival means, literally, "farewell to flesh!"

Her kindness, which never sleeps.

Power of necessity.

Virtue made friends, but she did not take pupils.

Celebrity sells dearly what we think she gives.

Houses are vessels which take mere passengers.

Prisoners of work.

We are not bound to live, while we are bound to do our duty.

Coffee is the grand work of a bachelor's housekeeping.

Hubbub of questions which waited for no reply.

Progress can never be forced on without danger.

Contemptuous pride of knowledge.

I make it a rule never to have any hope.

Question is not to discover what will suit us.

Death, that faithful friend of the .wretched

I tend him, God cures him!'

Richer than France herself, for I have no deficit in my budget.

Defeat and victory only displace each other by turns.

Ignorant of what there is to wish for.

Ruining myself, but we must all have our Carnival.

Did not think the world was so great.

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French Novelist