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He who burns down his house knows why ashes cost a fortune. ? African Proverb

He who loves, love you with your dirt. - Uganda Proverb

Hurry, hurry has no blessings. ? Swahili proverb

If you are building a house and a nail breaks, do you stop building or do you change the nail? ? Rwandan proverb

If you offend, ask for a pardon; if offended forgive.

It is better to travel alone than with a bad companion.

Knowledge is better than riches Cameroon Proverb

Love, like rain, does not choose the grass on which it falls. - South Africa Proverb

No one tests the depth of a river with both feet.

One who plants grapes by the road side, and one who marries a pretty woman, share the same problem. ? Ethiopian Proverb

Rich people cook their food in a potsherd. ? Kikuyu Proverb

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far. ? West African proverb

The egg shows the hen where to hatch.

The impotent man does not eat spicy foods. ? Congolese Proverb

The sun does not forget a village just because it is small.

There is no medicine against old age. - Accra Proverb, Ghana Proverb

To love the king is not bad, but a king who loves you is better. ? Wolof proverb

Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases. ? Swahili proverb

When elephant steps on a trap, no more trap.

A fool may chance to put something into a wise man's head.

A patient that can swallow food makes the nurse doubtful. ? Malagasy Proverb

A weapon which you don't have in your hand won't kill a snake.

Anyone who sees beauty and does not look at it will soon be poor. ? Yoruba Proverb

Better little than too little. ? Cameroonian proverb

Do a good deed and throw it into the sea. ? Egyptian proverb

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