Atharva Veda, or Atharvaveda

Veda, or Atharvaveda

Sacred Text of Hinduism and One of the Four Vedas meaning "knowledge"

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What, O earth, I dig out of thee, quickly shall that grow again, may I not, O pure one, pierce thy vital spot, (and) not thy heart.

With seven wheels does this Time ride, seven naves has he, immortality is his axle. He carries hither all these beings (worlds). Time, the first god, now hastens onward.

You have wasted the precious jewel of this human life; you do not know the Way of the Lord of the Universe.

Your Name is the treasure of jewels, Lord. You are the True Banker; Your devotee is the trader.

Whatever God does, accept that with pleasure; in comfort and in suffering, meditate on Him.

With the drum and the skin of the antelope all the gods, that sway the battle, have scared away the enemies.

You know only the present and what is happening before your eyes. You do not know that the present is related to the past and is preparing the course of the future. It is like the headlines and titles of a film on the screen; as the letters gleam one after the other, you read them and pass on to the next that comes to view. Each new letter or word wipes out the one already before your eye, just as each birth wipes out the memory of the one already experienced.

Whatever the method of worship and whichever the Name or Form, it is faith that matters; it is that which gives life and energy for higher things.

With your tongue, chant the Name of the One Lord. In this world, it shall bring you peace, comfort and great joy; hereafter, it shall go with your soul, and shall be of use to you.

You may have huge hordes of men in the army; but they are useful only when the few Generals who lead them know where they are and whether they should proceed and how to overcome the enemy, whose strength and weakness they have comprehended. Hordes of people sing, recite, adore, worship, praise and prostrate, but these are the soldiers.

When a child's growth is stunted, it causes grief; when he starts to grow normally, it causes joy, when the growth is abnormal, it causes grief again.

Women should perform their duties well and give due importance to their appearances because only then they will be able to attract good husbands.

You must be uncomfortable when those around you are unhappy; when you ease their discomfort, you are making them happy and making yourself happy, isn't it?

When as a swan he rises from the water he does not withdraw his one foot. If in truth he were to withdraw it, there would be neither to-day, nor to-morrow, no night and no day, never would the dawn appear.

Words can confer strength; they can drain it off; Words can gain friends; they can turn them into enemies; words can elevate or lower the individual. One must learn the habit of making one's words sweet, soft, and pleasant.

You must discover your identity; then only can you have peace.

When birds desire to chirp, lustily desire to chirp, may my call go there, as an arrow-point upon the shaft.

Work incessantly for the enhancement of our capabilities.

You must each one try to become ego-less; and then the Lord will accept you as His Flute.

When God becomes merciful, He leads you to meet the True Guru; all peace is in the Name of the Lord.

Worship and adore the Lord… In the Society of the Saints, He dwells in the mind; doubt, motional attachment and fear are vanquished.

You now become easy victims of lust, anger, malice, envy and the rest of that evil brood; the atmosphere of the heart is polluted by the ego-fumes.

When selfishness is gone, then one becomes the Lord Himself; seek the Sanctuary of the treasure of mercy.

Worship is more for effect, a play acted with the pit in view; there is no sincerity.

You people are unconscious; you should be afraid of sin.

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Veda, or Atharvaveda

Sacred Text of Hinduism and One of the Four Vedas meaning "knowledge"