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All acts of charity or giving are valuable only inasmuch as they recognize the true dignity of those toward whom the contribution is directed. Any money or time given to another without recognizing their full equality, is as chaff in the wind, and serves only the mockery of the ego. Pity or sorrow is never a worthy reason for charity, for it only reinforces the bondage of the giver and the recipient. Real charity is never a giving, but always a sharing. He who gives as a giver remains half; he who shares, knows wholeness.

Discern between the truth that is spoken and Truth that is lived. Never surrender your soul to another person, but always align it with God.

Destiny is consistently in our own hands. We did not create the choices, but we certainly have the power to exercise them. We did not make God, but we certainly know Him. We did not make Love, but we can certainly become it.

Harmonious living tells of harmonious thinking. A turbulent life reveals some kind of inner turmoil or lack of resolution... Outer events are simply the skin and bones of inner thoughts, and to really take control of our lives, we must treat them as one. Concentrate on that which you would become, not that which you now believe you are, and you will enter a new realm of consciousness - one of chosen good.

Do not invest your happiness in the outside world, which is constantly changing and can never bring you real peace. Why not place your happiness in God, the unchanging, Who will never let you down?

If you want to bring a difficult relationship into the light of love, make up your mind to change your image of who both of you are.

If we want to see how we got to be where we are in life, we need only to trace our experience back to our thoughts.

It is only when we hold people and things lightly that we can enjoy them fully. Life is a constant flow of coming and going. Things and people come into our lives and they leave, just as sure as they came... Our key to happiness is to enjoy a relationship while it lasts, allowing the person and the relationship complete freedom to evolve in the highest way for them... Let go and let God.

Quiet and unacclaimed acts are, to me, the real margin of greatness. Greatness is not in popularity, wealth, or long life, as most people believe. Real greatness is in simplicity and supportive words. It is in firm encouragement and gentle patience. It is in finding god in the midst of the turmoil of the marketplace, and remembering His goodness during hardship. No, greatness is not always found in those whom the world calls its heroes, but in the unheard of saints who unselfishly serve their families, lend a kind ear to a friend in despair, and lovingly see the Best in those who have become too accustomed to seeing themselves as mediocre.

Routines cannot bind us unless we believe in them. Patterns were given to serve us - not for us to live for them.

Real growth comes only through self-acceptance. AS long as we deny any aspect of our being, we make believe that something could be outside of God. It is as if we say, “God is everywhere; He fills all time and space - except for this part of my body and what I did at age fifteen.”

There are an infinite number of ways to serve. Each of the ways is equally important... No matter what our personal path to God, service is always a necessary step on the path.

The path of purposeful action bears a double blessing for those who walk it: in the blessing of the world is your own. Right action is the key to the re-establishment of God consciousness within your world... Let your deeds speak your message to the world. Your actions have the power to heal. This is a responsibility of great and wonderful magnitude. It is your responsibility, and it is the easiest one, for when you choose the responsibility to heal the world, you instantly allow God to heal the world through you.

Those who follow the heart discover Truth.

This sharpening of skills is the real value of competition. Many have lost sight of the purpose of healthy competition, which helps us to draw forth inner strength and encourages us to transcend our ideas of personal limitation. The real competition, however, is within the person, and not between people... In essence, competition is cooperation.

Trust frees you to see the wisdom of the moment. The goodness of life is invincible, and in Justice is your assurance of success. The laws of consciousness work consistently for your highest good. They offer you consolation and guidance. You now embody the choice to earn your goal, which is at hand.

To love ourselves for our goodness is easy. To love ourselves in spite of our errors is downright Holy.

Words may point the way to Truth, but actions demonstrate it. Live in accordance with the highest awareness of the Truth that you know. There is no greater purpose in life than this one.

We can create lovely and loving people around us just by tuning into the qualities that we would like to enjoy in them.

You best serve God with all of your heart. God’s real nature is happiness. Serve Him by expressing joyousness, and your reward is the awakening that your joy is His.

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American Author of Inspirational Books and CDs, Radio Personality