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The way to get things done is to have a good assistant.

Anyone who can think clearly can write clearly. But neither is easy.

I like business because it requires courage. Cowards do not get to first base.

Uneasy lies the head that ignores a telephone call late at night.

Beware of the man who won't be bothered with details.

I like business because it rewards deeds and not words.

When the gardeners are praying for rain, the picnickers are praying for sunshine. So what is the poor Lord to do?

Every job has two salaries. One is the pay you get. The other is the mental satisfaction you derive from working for the company.

I like business because it undertakes to please, not to reform.

Experts never seem to tell us what we?re up against until we?re up against it.

I like business because its philosophy works.

Flattery must be pretty thick before anybody objects to it.

If you do not have the capacity for happiness with a little money, great wealth will not bring it to you.

He was known to some people as a writer. In his writings he espoused thrift, industry, promptness, perseverance, and dependability. ? As far as was possible, the subject of this sketch practiced what he preached. Some of his enemies point to this trait as his foremost weakness.

In closing a deal, what you don?t say may be more helpful than what you do say.

Before it can be solved, a problem must be clearly stated and defined.

There isn't much thrill in success unless one has first been close to failure.

Improvement of one's economic position is helped more by cool persistence than by hot enthusiasm.

Too many of us vote for our prejudices instead of our desires.

It must be terrible to have to live among people and not like human beings.

Too much voting is based on affability rather than on ability.

Loneliness is something you can't walk away from.

We always admire the other fellow more after we have tried to do his job.

Most of us regard good luck as our right, and bad luck as a betrayal of that right.

No man is a failure who is enjoying life.

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American Publisher and Author