N. Sri Ram, fully Nilakanta Sri Ram or Nilakantha Sri Ram

N. Sri
Ram, fully Nilakanta Sri Ram or Nilakantha Sri Ram

Indian Freemason, Theosophist and President of the Theosophical Society Adyar, worked under Annie Besant

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Wisdom is that nature which is projected through subject upon object from a Center transcending both, and transforming them both into a shape of unity.

Wisdom is the root-principle in man, which has to flower in right thought, right action and right living from every point of view.

Wisdom lies in knowledge of the significance of things, which significance is in their indwelling Life.

Wisdom lies in the search for and discovery of the true ends of life, all of which are comprised in one end, conceive it as Perfect Happiness, Perfect Beauty or Perfect Action.

Wisdom lies less in what we learn and more in our reactions to that learning; less in the quantity and more in the quality of our knowledge; less in the accumulation of facts and nomenclature, and more in knowledge of principles; less in the possession of ideas and more in the right employment of them; less in all that we gather and must shed, and more in what we assimilate into the texture of that being which is an immortal reflection of the soul.

Wisdom shines with a dual quality of courage and caution.

Without love there is no unfoldment, because love belongs to the life of the Spirit, to the real Self; without love all search is in vain.

Without the principle of Unity there can be no coherence, no hope and no certainty of harmony in a world of turmoil and diversity.

You are infinitely beautiful when you give without one single thought of asking or taking.

You can never realize anything with the mind, unless you have already realized it intuitively in a passive state. What is first known within, in the region that to us is dark, is later brought into light.

You have to become the medium for your own pure, native, loftiest Self - excluding every other infiltration - the sheath of your own Self, instead of a self-willing organization.

You must lose your heart and search for it in every quarter. When you find it, you will know it as the heart of all things.

Separateness must break itself, and unity prevail.

The deepest and the one all-embracing truth experienced by a consciousness able to hold itself free of every reaction, whether to the world of sense and matter or to the images stored in memory, is the truth of the oneness of life.

The practice of the unity amidst the differences makes a man spiritual in his life as he is spiritual in essence, and will prepare him for the knowledge of the Truth, which is the Divine Wisdom.

The will is an exiled King, whose kingdom is ruled by a pretender.

To be conscious of one's ignorance is the beginning of wisdom, and an ignorance of parts will not trouble the man who has achieved a happy sense of relationship with the whole. All truth will come to him who has a living relation to things, since to live is to grow and progress.

Truth belongs to Life, as facts belong to form. When the essential nature of Life is perfectly expressed in the form with which it is clothed, the form becomes the form of Truth.

Unity is the mark of the Absolute, expressed as harmony in relative things.

Whatever the gradations by which the One becomes the Many, by those same gradations the many have to re-become the One.

Where there is love without possession and the seeking of any gratification from that possession, there is bliss. Thus, to love is to give oneself without asking for a return, and in such giving is the experience of joy.

Wisdom is not knowledge, but lies in the use we make of knowledge. It arises from knowledge guided by love. To use knowledge with goodness is to make it shine with a value which reflects Eternity in time.

Shedding every earthly interest, you have to build around yourself an aura of universal Love, in which must take place the gestation of the divine man that will be yourself.

The essence of beauty is not revealed by symmetry alone; symmetry can be dead or deadly. There has to be a subtly harmonious polarity of opposites, which calls for a sensitiveness that is all-pervading.

The sense of Unity becomes real only when tested by differences, when it asserts itself in the midst of separation, when it is carried into every detail and particular in the world of obstructive matter.

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N. Sri
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Ram, fully Nilakanta Sri Ram or Nilakantha Sri Ram
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Indian Freemason, Theosophist and President of the Theosophical Society Adyar, worked under Annie Besant