William Dean Howells

William Dean

American Novelist, Poet, Editor and Critic

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The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.

Tried to like whatever they bade me like.

We can trace the operation of evil in the physical world?but I am more and more puzzled about it in the moral world. There its course is often so very obscure; and often it seems to involve, so far as we can see, no penalty whatsoever.

Whatever is established is sacred with those who do not think.

Work not truly priced in money cannot be truly paid in money.

There is small love of pure literature.

True to an ideal of life rather than to life itself.

We cannot all be hard-working donkeys.

When she's really sick, she's better.

World made up of two kinds of people.

There will presently be no room in the world for things; it will be filled up with the advertisements of things.

Truth is beyond invention.

We change whether we ought, or not.

When to be an agnostic was to be almost an outcast.

World seems to always come out at the same hole it went in at!

They are rather helplessly frank, but not, I hope, with all their rather helpless frankness, offensively frank.

Two branches of the novelist's trade: Novelist and Historian.

We did not know that we were poor.

When was love ever reasoned?

Worldlier than the world.

They are so many and I am so few.

Under a fire of conjecture and asseveration.

We have never ended before, and we do not see how we can end.

Whether every human motive was not selfish.

World's memory is equally bad for failure and success.

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American Novelist, Poet, Editor and Critic