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O Destiny, it pleases you to caress a few, and molest others.

The barking of the dogs will not disturb the clouds.

The heart, not the money, is the real force in the medina.

There are those who are keys to good, and locks to evil.

When the chicken's feathers are of gold, it ain't too smart to make broth of the hen.

You should make a new bucket whilst you still have the old one.

One cannot hold two watermelons in one hand.

The bear knew nine songs. All were on honey.

The higher the castle, the closer to the lightening.

There's enough demons in life. Don't invite more.

When the crow is your guide, he will lead you to the corpses of dogs.

Your secret is your blood -- when you shed it you die.

One must howl with the wolves.

The beard of the guest is in the hands of the owner of the tent.

The jungle will not be without a tiger.

Three things cause sorrow to flee: water, green trees and a beautiful face.

When you put your head into the mortar it is useless to dread the sound of the pestle.

One must not shoot a glass arrow into a painted deer.

The best fighting is against yourself.

The kite flies because of the tail.

To the dog that has money, men say: 'My Lord Dog.'

When you think there is good to be done, then you have evil.

One who knows not that the Prince of Darkness is but the other face of the King of Light knows not me.

The best passion is compassion.

The land where the stones know you is worth more than the land where the people know you.

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