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Tell the truth and shame the Devil.

The dogs may bark, but the caravan passes on.

The sun looks down on many flowers; the flowers see but one sun.

When a man dies his feet get bigger.

You are worth as much as your purse.

Fire purges everything.

He who sleeps in a marsh wakes up cousin to the frogs.

If the King at noonday says it is night, behold the stars.

It is no time to bow when the head is off.

No one but the one carrying the load knows how much it weighs.

Ten dervishes can sleep under one blanket, but two kings cannot find room in one empire.

The dunghill must make itself smelt before we can breathe the perfume of the flowers.

The wet man fears no rain.

When a thief finds nothing to steal he will steal a dagger made of sand.

You can count the number of apples in one tree, but you can never count the number of trees in one apple.

For the sake of one rose, the gardener becomes the servant of a thousand souls.

He who speaks the truth better have one foot in the stirrup.

If the prayers of dogs were answered, bones would rain from the sky.

It isn't every kind of wood a whistle can be made from.

Nothing's certain but the unforeseen.

That the birds of worry are gonna fly over your head, this you can't change. But that they build nests in your hair, this you can duck.

The fish in the trap begin to think.

The wind of heaven is that which blows between the horse's ears.

When all men say you are an ass, it's time to bray.

You can't catch two frogs with one hand.

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