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Sin against God is one thing. Sin against man is worse.

The dawn does not come twice to awake a man.

The sight of books removes sorrow from the heart.

Wake up to a good day and prepare yourself for a bad one.

Why keep a dog and bark yourself?

Except for my father and my mother everybody lies.

He who is a mocker dances without a tambourine.

If heaven drops a date, open your mouth.

Is the white camel made of fat?

Night is the mother of plots.

Some learn through laughter and joy, others learn through pain and suffering.

The day has its eyes, the night has its ears.

The sky trembles and the earth is afraid, and the two eyes are not brothers.

We let him in, and now he shows us the door.

With tender words you have less luck with a woman than with jewels.

Exile is the brother of death.

He who leaves his house in search of happiness pursues a shadow.

If I listen I have the advantage; if I speak, the others have it.

It is a brave bird that makes its nest in the cat's ear.

No hair so small but has its shadow.

Standing in the way of our own light.

The desert is the Garden of Allah, from which the Lord of the faithful removed all superfluous human and animal life, so that there might be one place where He can walk in peace.

The story is only half told when one side tells it.

What you have put into your kettle comes after what's into your spoon.

Without fingers, the hand would be a spoon.

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