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God pardons the ignorant.

Hearts are the depositories of secrets. Lips are their locks, and tongues are their keys.

If you insist upon telling the truth you had better make it funny, or people will kill you.

It's like trying to dunk a donut by grasping it by the ears.

O Destiny, it pleases you to caress a few, and molest others.

The barking of the dogs will not disturb the clouds.

The heart, not the money, is the real force in the medina.

There are those who are keys to good, and locks to evil.

When the chicken's feathers are of gold, it ain't too smart to make broth of the hen.

You should make a new bucket whilst you still have the old one.

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

A word before is worth two behind.

Do not search for truth; only cease to hang on to opinions.

A devil takes one and makes two; a saint take two and makes one.

All who snore are not asleep.

A dog on the run can safely be kicked.

Allah gives dried beans to eat to him who has no teeth left.

A donkey laden with books is neither an intellectual nor a wise man, for it is said that however much one studies one cannot know without action!

Allah may love a poor man, but not a dirty one.

A friend is another self.

An egg cannot break a stone.

A good bell is heard far; a bad one still farther.

Angels bend down their wings to a seeker of knowledge.

A handful of bees is worth more than a sack full of flies.

As the sands of the desert are to the weary traveler, so is too much speech to him who loveth silence.

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