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Every man thinks of his own fleas as gazelles.

He is a good storyteller who can turn men's ears into eyes.

I only have my nails to scratch with and my feet to walk on.

If you want to get honey, you have to be patient when bees start biting you.

Life is like a perpetual drunkenness. The pleasure passes, but the headache remains.

One who knows not that the Prince of Darkness is but the other face of the King of Light knows not me.

The best passion is compassion.

The land where the stones know you is worth more than the land where the people know you.

To the donkey, one thistle is worth two assloads of jewels.

When you understand that there is no there to go to, then you will stay here.

A friend is another self.

An egg cannot break a stone.

A good bell is heard far; a bad one still farther.

Angels bend down their wings to a seeker of knowledge.

A handful of bees is worth more than a sack full of flies.

As the sands of the desert are to the weary traveler, so is too much speech to him who loveth silence.

A narrow place is real big to the narrow-minded.

Better a handful of dried dates and content with that than to own the Gate of Peacocks and be kicked in the eye by a broody camel.

A pair of women's breasts has more pulling power than a pair of oxen.

Better the gurgling of a camel than the prayers of a fish.

A path and a gateway have no meaning, once the objective is in sight.

Better to be watched by a wild animal than a nosey man.

A peacock has too little in its head and too much in its tail.

Beware: the sleep of nonexistence will overcome you at last. For the coming and going of the breath is but the rocking of the cradle.

A small date stone props up the water jar.

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