Berber Proverbs


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A narrow place is real big to the narrow-minded.

Better a handful of dried dates and content with that than to own the Gate of Peacocks and be kicked in the eye by a broody camel.

A pair of women's breasts has more pulling power than a pair of oxen.

Better the gurgling of a camel than the prayers of a fish.

A path and a gateway have no meaning, once the objective is in sight.

Better to be watched by a wild animal than a nosey man.

A peacock has too little in its head and too much in its tail.

Beware: the sleep of nonexistence will overcome you at last. For the coming and going of the breath is but the rocking of the cradle.

A small date stone props up the water jar.

Boil the water and the scum will rise to the top.

A sponge to wipe out the past, a rose to make the present sweet, and a kiss to salute the future.

By all means make friends with the dog, but do not lay aside the stick.

A town's gate can be shut; a fool's mouth, never.

Courage is fear that has said its prayers.

A well-educated man always has a kind word to say about the place where he spends the night.

Craft must have clothes, but truth loves to go naked.

A wise woman is one who has much to say, but remains silent.

Death is the black camel that kneels before every door.

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