Bill Cosby, fully William Henry "Bill" Cosby Jr.

Cosby, fully William Henry "Bill" Cosby Jr.

American Contemporary Comedian, Author, Television/Movie Producer, Actor

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I use the exercise room early, because I don't want to get on the treadmill and everyone's going 'Oh, Bill Cosby,' and then they come around to see how fast I'm walking, and it becomes very competitive.

If you have no faith, you've lost your battle.

In all of my career, the style is still the same, and that is of a friend, just sitting and talking.

I've said all along I've never competed with 'The Simpsons.' Not in my own mind.

My father walked to school 4 o'clock every morning with no shoes on, uphill, both ways, in 5 feet of snow and he was thankful.

Now, Richard Pryor was unique. Many misunderstood his humor. He lit up the hallway, but they didn't understand his use of profanity. He didn't use it just to be using it; he used it in the context of his satire.

Reunited with strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, I am berry, berry happy to be back working with JELL-O.

'The Cosby Show' made an impact on comedy, television and culture. We rejected lowering the bar.

The people who got into office forgot about the people.

There should be marches in every neighborhood every day telling the people about the negativity of drugs and how the drugs help us to behave negatively.

We are all anxious to be accepted. But if you have a strong mother and father who tell you that you don't have to dress a crazy way, or hang out with people who are looking for trouble in order to be loved and accepted, then half the battle is over.

A father . . . knows exactly what those boys at the mall have in their depraved little minds because he once owned such a depraved little mind himself. In fact, if he thinks enough about the plans that he used to have for young girls, the father not only will support his wife in keeping their daughter home but he might even run over to the mall and have a few of those boys arrested.

And I went to her, and she was warm, she was loving. And she mothered, she wifed. She human-ed ? and helped me an awful lot.

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

George Booth and I are both funny, and from afar, without meeting, admired each other's work.

I can't negate the theory that the Huxtables on 'The Cosby Show' may have helped pave the way for the Obama family. People enjoyed watching that black family.

I love Twitter, but some people use profanity so much that at some point it's like saying, 'Pass the salt.'

I want all this loud profanity in the street stopped. I want people to think about choices.

If you have one of the worst schools in the city, then chances are the teachers are not going to care for you. Chances are the parents don't feel seriously about coming to meet with teachers.

In America ... the seven ages of man have become preschooler, Pepsi generation, baby boomer, mid-lifer, empty-nester, senior citizen, and organ donor.

Karl Malden was a good friend of mine, and he said, 'You draw the people to you,' and I guess that's what I do.

My father wanted me to play pro football, and he didn't like the fact that I'd left school. And he said, "It takes a man to play football. And any fool can go up on the stage and make an ass of himself."

Old is always fifteen years from now.

Sex education may be a good idea in the schools, but I don't believe the kids should be given homework

The day [Phylicia Rashad] got the part [of Clair on the Cosby Show], I was sitting in the back, and women were... reading with a couple of the kids. And many of them when ... they were going to tell the kid off, started the head moving like a bobble doll... and when Phylicia's turn came and she was reading with Malcolm [Jamal-Warner] and he said something to her... there was a pause from her. And do you know what she did in that pause? She did something with her eyes. She didn't bop her head; she didn't throw her hand up on her hip; and she didn't say anything out loud. She cut a look that said, oh, maybe four or five things -- and none of them were good. And I turned to Marcy, and I said "That?s Clair."

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Cosby, fully William Henry "Bill" Cosby Jr.
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American Contemporary Comedian, Author, Television/Movie Producer, Actor