Bill Joy, formally William Nelson Joy

Joy, formally William Nelson Joy

American Technologist, Computer Scientist and Futurist, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems

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It is formatted, and I'm tired of using vi. I get really bored.

Well, limbo is not a good place to be.

I remember right after Carter got elected, I was sitting in my apartment in Albany, CA, on a Saturday listening to people call Carter and ask stupid questions while I designed the screen editor.

Jini is different from the PC because there's no central control, no monopolist pulling the strings.

What's your personal computer, anyway? Your personal computer should be something that's always on your person.

I started to write a new editor not too long ago and had it about half done after two days.

Jini's different from personal computers because Jini's simple. It's only 35,000 lines of code.

I think editors have to come out of a certain kind of community.

Just about every computer on the market today runs Unix, except the Mac (and nobody cares about it).

I think it killed the performance on a lot of the systems in the Labs for years because everyone had their own copy of it, but it wasn't being shared, and so they wasted huge amounts of memory back when memory was expensive.

My goal in 10 to 15 years is to have a $10 device everyone can have. Whether people find the time and have the mentors to use the information and education themselves is another question, but the phenomenon is on the way.

I think multiple levels of undo would be wonderful, too.

So Chuck and I looked at that and we hacked on em for a while, and eventually we ripped the stuff out of em and put some of it into what was then called en, which was really ed with some em features.

I think one of the interesting things is that vi is really a mode-based editor.

Systems are going to get a lot more sophisticated.

I think the hard thing about all these tools is that it takes a fair amount of effort to become proficient.

That lack of programmability is probably what ultimately will doom vi. It can't extend its domain.

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Joy, formally William Nelson Joy
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American Technologist, Computer Scientist and Futurist, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems