Billy Graham, formally William Franklin "Billy" Graham

Graham, formally William Franklin "Billy" Graham

American Evangelist, Southern Baptist Minister, Author

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Old is authentic. Old is genuine. Old is valuable.

Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone - except God.

Time moves so quickly, and no matter who we are or what we have done, the time will come when our lives will be over.

Art and education may refine the taste, but they cannot purify the heart and regenerate the individual.

Can We Be Sure We Will Go to Heaven?

Don't apologize for who you are and what you've done in the past. Be who you are and do what you do.

Everywhere I go I find that people... both leaders and individuals... are asking one basic question, 'Is there any hope for the future?' My answer is the same, 'Yes, through Jesus Christ.'

God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he'll be there.

Heaven is real and hell is real, and eternity is but a breath away.

I am well aware that there are prisoners of conscience in the Soviet Union, including some who have said they have chosen to resist the law because of religious reasons.

I don't think the government should be in the trailer-park business. I don't think they know how to run a trailer park.

I haven't written my own epitaph, and I'm not sure I should. Whatever it is, I hope it will be simple, and that it will point people not to me, but to the One I served.

I think that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin, but the Bible also teaches that pride is a sin, jealousy is a sin, and hate is a sin, evil thoughts are a sin. So I don't think that homosexuality should be chosen as the overwhelming sin that we are doing today.

If God were to remove all evil from our world (but somehow leave human beings on the planet), it would mean that the essence of 'humanness' would be destroyed. We would become robots.

In God?s glorious presence, all our concerns and griefs will be erased. It?s hard to imagine how we can be happy if our loved ones aren?t in Heaven because of their unbelief, but Scripture assures that even the memory of them will disappear (Psalm 9:6 TLB). God?s plan will be revealed, in all of its fullness, in Heaven. Our present understanding is limited, but one day we will comprehend the perfection of His justice and mercy: The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind. . . . be glad and rejoice (Isaiah 65:17?18).

I've read the last page of the Bible, it's all going to turn out all right.

Many of you wavier by the way you live.

New York is definitely ready for the word of God.

Once you've lost your privacy, you realize you've lost an extremely valuable thing.

Out of defeat can come the best in human nature. As Christians face storms of adversity, they may rise with more beauty. They are like trees that grow on mountain ridges -- battered by winds, yet trees in which we find the strongest wood.

A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

As a former resident with strong personal and ministry ties to the North Star State, I pray that the good people of Minnesota will show their support for God's definition of marriage, between a man and a woman.

Certainly a woman should never disguise the fact that she is a woman. A woman's body is very beautiful.

Don't be misled by those who claim God doesn't exist, because He does.

Except in emergencies, we never let a day go by but we had Bible reading and prayer. As the children got older, we asked them to participate. When I was home, I went up to tuck them in and to pray with them. Sometimes Ruth would stay up till one or two o?clock if one of them wanted to talk. Some of the greatest conversations I?ve had with any of my children have been late at night.

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Graham, formally William Franklin "Billy" Graham
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American Evangelist, Southern Baptist Minister, Author