Charles Barkley, fully Charles Wade Barkley

Barkley, fully Charles Wade Barkley

American Professional Basketball Player and Television Analyst

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But when I see a story on welfare on television, they only show black people.

Can I Play??

He [Kenny] said Yao Ming's gonna get 19 points. If he gets 19 points in a game, I'll kiss [Kenny's] ass.

On the Portland Trail Blazers (back when they were known as the Jail Blazers) serving Thanksgiving meals: In between arrests they do community service.

Charles Barkley after seeing a picture of Sam Cassell on the screen: Phone home. And later he remarks to Kenny, Sam Cassell is a good guy, but he's not going to wind up on the cover of GQ anytime soon.

He played like a girl all last year. TV made him a superstar. Now he has to play like one and quit whining. [on Vince Carter]

After Kevin Garnett threw a ball into the crowd out of frustration and was ejected. They showed footage of the man that got hit by the ball being taken away in a stretcher and his daughter was crying. Charles commented that players take passes to the face all the time. He topped it off by saying: You know why that little girl's crying? It's because she's thinking 'my daddy's a wussy'.

Charles Barkley regarding Dan Issels fine when calling a heckling fan a Mexican. I don't think he (Issel) should have been fined or suspended. Some fans just need to be beaten down!

He will probably win, but that movie [Gangs of New York] was terrible -- Barkley, predicting that Daniel Day-Lewis will win the Oscar for Best Actor.

All I know is, as long as I led the Southeastern Conference in scoring, my grades would be fine.

Conan O?Brien has got to be the luckiest guy in the whole entire world. First of all, they gave him $40 million to fire him, which I want one of those deals, and now he?s already working again.

Hell, there ain't but 15 black millionaires in the whole country and half of 'em are right here in this room. [On the All-Star Game]

Almost all those politicians took money from Enron, and there they are holding hearings. That?s like O.J. Simpson getting in the Rae Carruth jury pool.

Damn Ted Turner! Whose idea was it to start these games at nine o'clock? That's some sad shit! When I own this network, there's gonna be a lot of changes around here. Number one - all your asses are gonna be history!.

He's got to bring something stronger than that. That's like bringing milk to a bar, it's not strong enough [After Wang has a shot blocked]

Amar?e Stoudemire made me laugh; I?ve been watching the press conferences the last couple of days. He said, ?you know, people praise you when you do well and they criticize you when do bad.? I said, ?Duh!? That?s the way it works. These guys are so sensitive and if you don?t play well, it?s not personal, you?re going to get criticized.

Dick Bavetta and Moses parted the Red Sea together.

Hey Stanley, you could be a great player if you learned just two words: I'm full. [Barkley yelling to 300-plus-pound Houston Rockets teammate Stanley Roberts]

Any professional league that goes on strike right now - that's just suicide.

Did they recognize you in South Dakota? Charles: Yes, they did. It was easy because I was the only black person there. When they see me walking down the street they say 'There he goes again'. And when I come back the next year they say 'He's back yawl!'

How did you not become a Laker fan like all the other phony celebrities? [To Billy Crystal, the only 'famous' Clippers fan]

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Barkley, fully Charles Wade Barkley
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American Professional Basketball Player and Television Analyst