Charles Barkley, fully Charles Wade Barkley

Barkley, fully Charles Wade Barkley

American Professional Basketball Player and Television Analyst

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Did they recognize you in South Dakota? Charles: Yes, they did. It was easy because I was the only black person there. When they see me walking down the street they say 'There he goes again'. And when I come back the next year they say 'He's back yawl!'

How did you not become a Laker fan like all the other phony celebrities? [To Billy Crystal, the only 'famous' Clippers fan]

Any time a little midget does something like this, you gotta give him a 10! [On one of Nate Robinson's dunks during All Star weekend]

Did you graduate from Auburn? Charles: No, but I have a couple people working for me who did.

How long do you think Steve Nash spent on his hair? 5 seconds? 10 seconds?

Any time something bad happens to a black person because of racism, I feel it in my soul. I really do. You take the Abner Louima case. That let me know one thing: If some white guys wanted to stick a plunger up a black guy's butt, and I'm the black guy who happened to be around, I'd have a plunger up my butt.

Ernie Johnson, on Reggie Evans being caught grabbing the rocks of Chris Kaman: (Reggie Evans) got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Charles Barkley: Ernie, I don't know where you get your cookies at but the rest of us don't get ours there.

I always hang out with people with money and make them pay for everything.

Anytime a fan touches you, you have the right to beat the hell out of him.

Ernie: Do the Knicks have any chance of turning things around?Charles: Heeellll No! Ernie: What's the Knick's problem right now? Charles: They no good. To Kenny: That's what I just said! I hate when you repeat after me and try to sound intelligent.

I always laugh when people ask me about rebounding techniques. I've got a technique. It's called just go get the damn ball.

As long as you got Dwight Howard, you can get guys off the street and (your team) will still be impressive.

Every time I think about changing a diaper, I run a little bit harder and a little bit faster to make sure I can afford a nanny until my daughter's old enough to take care of that herself.

Auburn is a pretty good school. To graduate from there I suppose you really need to work hard and put forth maximum effort.

Everybody should have the right to be honest. Only in sports and celebrity can you not be honest. -- Barkley quoted in a profile on HBO's Real Sports.

Bad team, man. Bad fucking team.

First of all, you don't want the Chinese mad at you: They can fight!

Birdman?s hair looks like Tweety Bird.

From now on, if Michael or Shaq aren't playing, I ain?t showing up. [to the studio]

Both of y?all are2 going to hell for that. Y?all are going to hell with a first-class ticket. Is that how you treat your partner? Krispy Kreme might be the greatest invention in the history of civilization when they?re hot. Y?all are cruel man. [Barkley on Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith eating a box of hot Krispy Kreme donuts in front of him]

Hakeem couldn't kick your ass cuz you were too close, kissin his!

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Barkley, fully Charles Wade Barkley
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American Professional Basketball Player and Television Analyst