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We have eyed each other well; now, are we good-looking or not?

Unable either to use or part with.

Unless your friend be your superior, you had better have none; and for a few days observe whether his subsequent greetings equal his first.

Vice cannot be concealed. Lit.: An ugly daughter-in-law cannot conceal that face from her mother-in-law.

Want of forbearance causes small offences to become great.

We only see the living punished; who ever saw a ghost wearing a cangue?

Try to oblige others, and you will be obliged yourself.

Try to save the dead horse as if it is still alive.

Try you to defraud in customs and revenue; the mandarins soon will try to be having you.

Turning aside and changing the subject.

Two are better than one. Lit.: One man?s plan is short; the plan of two is long.

Two barrels of tears will not heal a bruise.

Two good talkers, not one good listener.

Two of a trade hate one another.

Two scholars fighting for a pencil.

Ugly men marry pretty wives. Lit.: Scabbed-heads get flowery boughs.

Ugly wives and stupid maids are priceless treasures.

Treat men from all parts well, and wherever you go you will be well treated. Lit.: Make sure of a clear moon in all the five lakes, and you will not suffer the lack of an angling place.

True gold fears no fire.

Truth must always be true, and falsehood false.

Try is a word of courage, but can is a word of power.

To wear a summer hat when worshipping at the new year---very hot!

To wear fur coats in summer.

To-day secures not to-morrow?s affairs.

Too busy for pleasure.

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