Chinese Proverbs


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To stand alone on the sea-monster?s head.

To stint one?s-self and treat others generously.

To shoot tow arrows at once.

To show mercy is reckoned man?s duty; to win is reckoned man?s ingenuity.

To show off by making with another?s property. Lit.: To seize another?s cap and throw it on the stage.

To slight. Lit.: To throw into a tub of cold water.

To spare a swelling till it becomes ulcerous.

To return one?s friendship with enmity.

To rise high, conceal ambition.

To row with the stream in doing a favor.

To sail any way with wind and tide.

To save one man?s life is better than to build a seven storied pagoda.

To say you have done good is not goodness; but to do good is.

To scratch one?s calf through top boots.

To seek the ass you are riding on.

To shoot a sparrow with a large cannon.

To retain some feeling in writing an indictment.

To return hate for kindness.

To pour oil on the flames.

To present one?s head to a shower of stones.

To pretend to be very clever and show one?s self to be a fool.

To promise much and give little.

To prophesy is extremely difficult - especially with regard to the future.

To raise an army when the war is over, and regret one?s lateness.

To rear a tortoise shut up in a jar.

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