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To raise an army when the war is over, and regret one?s lateness.

To rear a tortoise shut up in a jar.

To pine one?s belly, to spare one?s face.

To point a stag out as a horse.

To pay into what?s said the deaf are too prone; the dumb cannot bear to let talking alone.

To persecute the unfortunate is like throwing stones on one fallen into a well.

To persuade gentlemen not to gamble, is to win for them.

To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art.

To open one?s door and bow in a thief.

To overlade a rickety ship.

To pare off flesh in one place to mend a sore in another.

To meet an old friend in a distant country is like the delight of rain after a long drought.

To murder by means of another?s sword.

To murder without a sword.

To neglect to save life is one of the greatest of crimes.

To negotiate with a tiger for its skin.

To offer a bullock at one?s parent?s grave, is not equal to presenting them while living with fowls or sucking-pigs.

To offer the Filial Classic for sale at the door of Confucius.

To one full of expectation a moment seems a year.

To make a family prosper is like digging with needles in clay.

To make a man of yourself you must toil; if you don?t you won?t.

To make a pickaxe in a silversmith?s shop.

To make gold locks, in a blacksmith?s shop.

To look for bones in an egg.

To lose the great for the small.

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