Chuck Palahniuk, fully Charles Michael "Chuck" Palahniuk

Palahniuk, fully Charles Michael "Chuck" Palahniuk

American Novelist and Freelance Journalist with movies including Fight Club, Choke, Snuff, Romance

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When you think about it from a native plant perspective, Oyster says.Johnny Apple seed was a fucking biological terrorist.

The moment the world declares a person to be immortal, at that moment the person will strive to prove the world wrong. In the face of glowing press releases and reviews the most heralded women starve themselves or cut themselves or poison themselves. Or they find a man who's happy to do that for him.

The only place where you can really surprise or shock the reader, or make someone laugh, is on the lower right-hand corner - the very last panel - so as you turn the page, the payoff is in the upper left-hand panel. To pace every story so that there's a setup and a payoff at the page turn was a huge challenge; it's a part of the medium and you really have to learn what can be done in the medium.

The same way a compact disk isn't responsible for what's recorded on it, that's how we are. You're about as free to act as a programmed computer. You're about as one-of-a-kind as a dollar bill.

The weather today is an increasing trend towards denial.

There is a social contract in "Fight Club" and in "Choke" where the protagonist has deceived a whole bunch of people. In "Choke" it's all of these people who think that they've saved his life, and really care about him because they've embraced him and they've been his saviors. In "Fight Club" it's all of these people who are dying of various diseases, and they thought that Edward Norton was also dying so they allowed him really strong pent-up emotions.

These flowers will be rotten in a couple hours. Birds will crap on them. The smoke here will make them stink, and tomorrow a bulldozer will probably run over them, but for right now they are so beautiful.

This is the greatest moment of your life and you?re out missing it

To hell with housework, our top priority has always been between our legs.

Until you can ignore your circumstances, and just do as you promise, he says, you'll always be controlled by the world.

We have pain and hate and love and joy and war in the world because we want them.

We're all of us haunted and haunting.

What kind of dining set defines me as a person?

What's burning down is a re-creation of a period revival house patterned after a copy of a copy of a copy of a mock Tudor big manor house. It's a hundred generations removed from anything original, but the truth is aren't we all?

When you understand that what you're telling is just a story. It isn't happening anymore. When you realize the story you're telling is just words, when you can just crumble it up and throw your past in the trashcan, then we'll figure out who you're going to be.

The money is in television. Books are not the dominant medium of our time, so fewer people will create them. In a sad way, books have become a form of "comfort food" we expect to lull us to sleep.

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.

The short stories tend to be a journalistic gathering of anecdotes that are put together to make something larger.

The weather today is partly angry, leading to resignation and ultimatums.

There is nothing special in the world. nothing magic. just physics.

These people so scared of silence. These are my neighbors. These sound-oholics. These quiet-ophobics.

This is the upside of already being eternally damned

To merely observe your culture without contributing to it seems very close to existing as a ghost.

Until you deal with your real personal issues, you'll never be able to control yourself.

We hear the ambient noise of children singing. We hear lions and tigers roar. Hyenas laugh. Some jungle bird or howler monkey declares its existence, screeching a maniac's gibberish. Our entire world, always doing battle against the silence and obscurity of death.

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Palahniuk, fully Charles Michael "Chuck" Palahniuk
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American Novelist and Freelance Journalist with movies including Fight Club, Choke, Snuff, Romance