Croatian Proverbs


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A good friend is worth more than a bad brother.

All's well that ends well.

Cats hide their claws.

Easy come, easy go.

He that will not be counseled cannot be helped.

If you ask for too much at once, you will come home with an empty bag.

Like the cat around the hot meal.

No pain, no gain; Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Speaking of the wolf as the wolf (comes) to the door.

The starving man will never burn his bread.

Trust yourself and your horse.

Where there is smoke, there is fire too.

A guest will not know what fasting means.

An empty barrel sings in the wind.

Check before you bite if it is bread or a stone.

Even a dog will not eat a leg without flesh.

He who asks, need not wander.

If you deliberate for too long, you will end up with leftovers.

Look before you leap.

No solutions without discussions.

Still water wears down mountains.

The udder of a neighbor's cow is always bigger.

Truth's violinist is always beaten with his own bow.

While we were talking about the wolf, he came to our doorstep.

A honey tongue and a heart of gall.

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