Debasish Mrida


American Physician, Philosopher, Poet Seer and Author

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To grow?overcome and go beyond your barrier.

Tomorrow belongs to those who are sincerely learning and loving today.

True wisdom is found in simplicity and in humility.

We are the source of infinite love, infinite joy, and infinite happiness, but we spend our whole life looking for love, joy and happiness. How foolish is this?

We often forget to draw a new picture because we are so busy criticizing other paintings.

When love is your power, then you will not have anything to fear.

When you don't know a thing, learn. When you know the truth, teach.

When you serve the humanity with compassion and kindness,You express your spontaneous love and inner greatness.

Wisdom is like the moonlight that quietly inspires you.

Women are the flower in the garden of humanity.

You are a true success if you can trust yourself, love yourself, and be yourself.

You cannot live with inner tranquility and peace when you hate others.

You think that you have everything, but truly you have nothing but your wisdom, love, and kindness.

Your persistent deep driving desires and your intentional actions will become your reality.

To improve a country, educate the citizens.

Tranquil breeze Glittering beach Dancing water Bluest skyMy mind flies high with joyful laughter.

Trust your instincts.

We are trying to build peace by inventing new war machines; if that isn't insanity than what is?

We only feel joy when we love our precious life.

When possession of wealth or splendors brings happiness- it is an illusion, when attainment of certain mental state brings happiness- it is a real possession.

When you dream with optimism and trust, it becomes a reality fast.

When you share your knowledge, you gain wisdom. Share as much as you can and as often as you can.

Wisdom is the adobe of a great mind.

Words cannot express love. Only thoughts of love born in silence can do that.

You are a unique person so get busy creating your unique position in this world.

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American Physician, Philosopher, Poet Seer and Author