Debasish Mrida


American Physician, Philosopher, Poet Seer and Author

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To feel pure joy, sell your pride and be loving and kind.

To love is the supreme right of the human heart.

True education begins after you are done with formal education.

Visualization is a process when we try to see the imaginative creation as a real future manifestation.

We cannot improve ourselves or our country without improving our educational system and educating ourselves.

What we think and love persistently will be what we become.

When we are kind and forgiving, we will be forgiven.

When you fill yourself with inner joy and inner peace, this world becomes peaceful.

When you take an action to improve humanity, you are happy.

Wise people are always loving and humble.

Write and create a blue sky Forever with joy where I can fly.

You are most beautiful when your eyes are glowing with kindness and joy.

You have to be a great lover to be a beloved.

Your dreams become your reality if you have the courage to act on them.

You're writing every moment in your mind but not putting it down on paper. Write your thoughts; it will be beautiful.

To feel pure joy, the road of peace is the only road we should walk.

To make it a perfect season, let us feel joy and love everyone without a reason.

True education comes from a passion for learning.

War or violence never can destroy enemies, only forgiveness can do that.

We celebrate the event not the time.

What we think is life. What we do just defines it.

When we don?t fear change, stress disappears. When we accept change, fear disappears.

When you give away everything without expecting anything in return, only then will everything belong to you.

When you think of someone with love, your heart dances with joy.

With courage, always go where you fear to go.

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American Physician, Philosopher, Poet Seer and Author