Debasish Mrida


American Physician, Philosopher, Poet Seer and Author

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To find your self, get lost is the search of knowledge and wisdom.

To stay young, accept the changes and continue to learn.

True education will shape your life, but if you ignore education you will be punished by your life.

We are here to feel the joy of life, to love, and to expand the happiness.

We have to be open to love to feel happiness and joy.

When I escape from my cage of conformity, I grow wings to fly in search of truth and beauty.

When you are having a difficult time, don?t lose your cool. Don?t hurry--be silent, listen, and think to find the way.

When you learn to see the beauty in emptiness, your life will become more abundant.

While we want to enjoy what we don?t have, don?t forget to enjoy the incredible beauty of what we do have.

Without change there is no gain, but every change brings some pain.

You are a gift, so open yourself everyday to see the beauty with love, wonder and feel the joy.

You can never lose anything. You only gain the moment of beauty like a bud transforms into a flower.

You only win when you let others win.

Your life is your canvas. You are responsible for the beauty of your art.

To fulfill our lives and be happy, we have to enjoy the little things, see the beauty around us instead of waiting for big things to enjoy, or you will just pass life by waiting.

To talk about peace is pleasant and kind. To help others to live in peace is an expression of compassion and love.

True freedom is a mental condition that no one can take or give to you.

We are made of spirit, mind, soul, and a little pixie dust.

We like to see our future through our children; they are the reflection of the best of ourselves.

When I look into my past, only then can I see the trending future.

When you are searching for knowledge, knowledge is also searching for you.

When you love with kindness it will never give you heartaches.

Win them with your infectious optimism and burning smile.

Without education, there will be no knowledge. Without knowledge, how can there be success?

You are a leader when your actions encourage someone to reveal himself with hope, courage, confidence and trust.

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American Physician, Philosopher, Poet Seer and Author