Florence Scovel Shinn

Scovel Shinn

American Artist, Book Illustrator, New Thought Spiritual Teacher and Metaphysical Writer

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Wealth is a matter of consciousness. The French have a legend giving an example of this. A poor man was walking along a road when he met a traveler, who stopped him and said: "My good friend, I see you are poor. Take this gold nugget, sell it, and you will be rich all your days." The man was overjoyed at his good fortune, and took the nugget home. He immediately found work and became so prosperous that he did not sell the nugget. Years passed, and he became a very rich man. One day he met a poor man on the road. He stopped him and said: "My good friend, I will give you this gold nugget, which, if you sell, will make you rich for life." The mendicant took the nugget, had it valued, and found it was only brass. So we see, the first man became rich through feeling rich, thinking the nugget was gold.

What didn't happen in the Kingdom never happened anywhere.

What God has done for others He can do for me and more!

What God has given me can never be taken from me for His gifts are for all eternity.

What is mine by Divine Right can never be taken from me. God's perfect plan for me is built upon a rock.

There is no power in evil. It is nothing; therefore can only come to nothing.

What you do for others you are doing for yourself.

There is no separation in Divine Mind, therefore, I cannot be separated from the love and companionship which are mine by divine right.

When in doubt play trumps, do the fearless thing.

There is no there---there is only here.

Where there is an effect there is always a cause; there is no such thing as chance.

There is nothing to fear for there is no power to hurt. I walk up to the lion on my pathway and find an angel in armor, and victory in the name of Jesus Christ.

Your word is your wand. The words you speak create your own destiny.

Thou in me art completion. As I have asked I must receive.

Thou in me art Inspiration, Revelation and Illumination.

Though my mistakes be as scarlet, I shall be washed whiter than snow.

Thought is a tremendous vibratory force and man is drawn to his thought creations.

Thy Kingdom come in me, Thy will be done in me and my affairs. Before I called I was answered and I now gather in my harvest in a remarkable way.

Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free, and endless avalanches of abundance are poured out upon me, under grace in perfect ways.

We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation.

There is no loss of memory in Divine Mind, therefore, I recollect everything I should remember and I forget all that is not for my good.

There is no loss in Divine Mind, therefore, I cannot lose anything which belongs to me. It will be restored or I will receive its equivalent.

The genius within me is now released. I now fulfill my destiny.

There is no competition on the spiritual plane. What is rightfully mine is given me under grace.

The ground I am on is holy ground. The ground I am on is successful ground.

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American Artist, Book Illustrator, New Thought Spiritual Teacher and Metaphysical Writer