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Gabriel García Márquez, aka Gabo

(1927 - )


Colombian Author, Novelist, Short-Story Writer, Screenwriter and Journalist, Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature

'And in the meantime?’ asked the Marquis. Meanwhile, said Abrenuncio, tóquenle music, fill the house with flowers, birds do sing, take her to see the sunsets at sea, give all you can make her happy. They fired a volley hat in the air and rigor Latin sentence. But this time in honor of the Marquis translated: There is no medicine to cure what happiness does not cure
'He’s very sad,’ Úrsula answered, ‘because he thinks that you’re going to die.'
'It's amazing how you can be so happy for so many years, amid many peloteras, of many pods, dammit, not really knowing if it is love or not. When finished vent, someone had turned off the moon. The ship moved with measured steps, putting one foot before putting the other: an immense animal stalking. Fermina Daza had returned from anxiety.
A century ago, life screwed that poor man and me because we were too young, and now they want to do the same thing because we are too old.
A falcon who chases a warlike crane can only hope for a life of pain.
A famous writer who wants to continue writing has to be constantly defending himself against fame. I don't really like to say this because it never sounds sincere, but I would really have liked for my books to have been published after my death, so I wouldn't have to go through all this business of fame and being a great writer. In my case, the only advantage to fame is that I have been able to give it a political use. Otherwise, it is quite uncomfortable. The problem is that you're famous for twenty-four hours a day, and you can't say, "Okay, I won't be famous until tomorrow," or press a button and say, "I won't be famous here or now."
A friend is the person that holds your hand and touches your heart!
A gallery of wooden rooms where women lived alone, and the smell of dead flowers.
A good writer is best seen so broken that what you post.
A great commotion immobilized her in her center of gravity, planted her in her place, and her defensive will was demolished by the irresistible anxiety to discover what the orange bells and whistles and the invisible globes on the other side of death were like.