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George Frederick

American Newspaper Columnist, Journalist, and Author, Pulitzer Prize-winner best known for his conservative commentary on politics

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They seem to have a license to lie.

This is an age in which one cannot find common sense without a search warrant.

This is what bipartisanship looks like; constant rubbish from both sides of the aisle.

Today more Americans are imprisoned for drug offenses than for property crimes.

Today the riskiest part of air travel is the drive to the airport, and the airlines use a barrage of stimuli to protect passengers from ennui.

We are given children to test us and make us more spiritual.

We know next to nothing about virtually everything. It is not necessary to know the origin of the universe; it is necessary to want to know. Civilization depends not on any particular knowledge, but on the disposition to crave knowledge.

Well, you know, the definition of second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

Whatever right the Second Amendment protects is not as important as it was 200 years ago... The government should de-constitutionalize the subject by repealing the embarrassing Amendment.

The reformers' preferred metaphor is leveling the playing field. They should listen to the logic of their language: fields are leveled by bulldozers.

When America uses power, it makes people angry, but it gets their attention.

The strongest continuous thread in America's political tradition is skepticism about government.

When liberals' presidential nominees consistently fail to carry Kansas, liberals do not rush to read a book titled "What's the Matter With Liberals' Nominees?" No, the book they turned into a bestseller is titled "What's the Matter With Kansas?" Notice a pattern here?

The theory is that election to Congress is tantamount to being dispatched to Washington on a looting raid for the enrichment of your state or district, and no other ethic need inhibit the feeding frenzy

World War II was the last government program that really worked.

The unpleasant sound Bush is emitting as he traipses from one conservative gathering to another is a thin, tinny arf - the sound of a lap dog.

You are a pyromaniac in a field of straw men.

There is a declining number of Americans paying income taxes, while more and more people are dependent for things that fewer and fewer people are paying for.

You can pursue happiness by wearing a torn jersey. You can catch it by being good at something you love.

There is an elegant memorial in Washington to Jefferson, but none to Hamilton. However, if you seek Hamilton's monument, look around. You are living in it. We honor Jefferson, but live in Hamilton's country, a mighty industrial nation with a strong central government.

You really don't want a president who is a football fan. Football combines the worst features of American life. It is violence punctuated by committee meetings.

There may be more poetry than justice in poetic justice.

Although advertising is communication unusually candid about its motivation, Americans love to loathe it. As society becomes more complex and opaque, as social processes seem more impersonal and autonomous, and as elites of experts become more annoying, more people are tempted to think that some they is manipulating us, using, among other dark arts, advertising.

Convictions cause conflict.

It is a classification that no longer classifies.

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American Newspaper Columnist, Journalist, and Author, Pulitzer Prize-winner best known for his conservative commentary on politics