George Herbert


Welsh-born English Metaphysical Poet, Orator and Anglican Priest

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Your thoughts close, and your countenance loose.

Wisdom picks friends; civility plays the rest; a toy shunn’d cleanly passeth with the best.

Wouldst thou both eat they cake and have it?

Youth may make even with the year; but age, if it will hit, shoots a bow short, and lessens still his stake, as the day lessens, and his life with it.

Wisdom’s a trimmer thing than shop e’er gave.

Wouldst thou unlock the door to cold despair and knowing pensiveness?

Wisedom hath one foot on Land, and another on Sea.

Write, so much given to god; thou shalt be heard.

Wit’s an unruly engine, wildly striking sometimes a friend, sometimes the engineer: hast thou the knack? Pamper it not with liking; but if thou want it, buy it not too dear.

Yet Lord restore thine image, hear my call: and though my hard heart scare to tHe can groan, remember that thou once didst write in stone.

With custom we live well, but Laws undo us.

You cannot flea a stone.

Without business debauchery.

You cannot hide an eel in a sack.

Without danger we cannot get beyond danger.

You cannot know wine by the barrel.

When the Foxe preacheth, beware geese.

Whether you boil snow or pound it, you can have but water of it.

Who hath no more bread then need, must not keep a dog.

Who will make a door of gold must knock a nail every day.

When the tree is fallen, all go with their hatchet.

While the discreet advise, the fool doth his business.

Who hath none to still him, may weep out his eyes.

When them dost tell another's jest, therein omit the oaths which true wit cannot need; pick out of tales the mirth, but not the sin; he pares his apple that will cleanly feed.

Who aims at the sky shoots higher much than he that means a tree.

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Welsh-born English Metaphysical Poet, Orator and Anglican Priest