George T. Lucas, fully George Walton Lucas, Jr.

George T.
Lucas, fully George Walton Lucas, Jr.

American Film Producer, Screenwriter, Director and Founder/Chairman of Lucasfilm Ltd., known creating the Star Wars franchise and the archaeologist-adventurer character Indiana Jones

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'Star Wars' is fun, it’s exciting, it’s inspirational, and people respond to that. It’s what they want.

There are a few critics overseas, and occasionally a critic will write an astute analysis of the movie. There is value in reading critics that actually have something intelligent to say, but the journalistic community lives in a world of sound bites and literary commerce: selling newspapers, selling books, and they do that simply by trashing things. They don't criticize or analyze them. They simply trash them for the sake of a headline, or to shock people to get them to buy whatever it is they're selling.

We're very excited about the opening of the new studio,

You know, they had supply problems and union disputes and a few design problem to work out. So it took longer than you would think, even for The Empire.

Thank you. Thank you all. This is a very, very important award for me. Star Wars, oddly enough, doesn't really get that many awards. I'm not a big favorite with the critics, but who listens to them? I'm not a big industry favorite either, but of course they are a bunch of studio executives. The most important people for any filmmaker, the reason that I make films, is for you! The audience rules! Thank you. Thank you very much!

There was a dog in American Graffiti, but I didn't use Indiana for the part because it was a night scene and I wanted a white dog. My wife was very upset that I didn't put my own dog in the movie; so I said I'd put Indiana's spirit in the next one. And that's how the Wookiee came into being. [About the origin of Chewbacca]

What would normally cost $20 million-$30 million we can do for $1 million,

You know, this was written a long time ago and it was based on history. All of Star Wars was reasonably political. It's just that most people didn't notice it until this episode was put into the puzzle.

The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.

There wasn't much as a kid that inspired me in what I did as an adult, but I was always very interested in what motivates people, and in telling stories and building things.

Whatever has happened in my quest for innovation has been part of my quest for immaculate reality.

You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead.

The costumes have a tendency to appear on the screen in a very short amount of time. It's very hard to see the detail and the thousands of hours of work that go into each (one),

There were things I could have done then, I just didn't have the time and money to do it.

When asked what it was like to watch Steven Spielberg direct: It's like watching Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison. It's like watching Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, any genius you can name.

You sort of see these recurring themes where a democracy turns itself into a dictatorship, and it always seems to happen kind of in the same way, with the same kinds of issues, and threats from the outside, needing more control. A democratic body, a senate, not being able to function properly because everybody's squabbling, there's corruption.

The Empire strikes back.

These are not the droids you are looking for.

When I started to write it, it got to be too big, it got to be 250, 300 pages... I said, well, I can't do this. The studio will never allow this. I will take the first half, make a movie out of that, and then I was determined to come back and finish the other three, or other two stories.

The fans are all upset. They’re always going to be upset. Why did he do it like this? And why didn’t he do it like this? They write their own movie, and then, if you don’t do their movie, they get upset about it.

These current defacements are just the beginning. Today, engineers with their computers can add color to black-and-white movies, change the soundtrack, speed up the pace, and add or subtract material to the philosophical tastes of the copyright holder. Tomorrow, more advanced technology will be able to replace actors with fresher faces, or alter dialogue and change the movement of the actor's lips to match. It will soon be possible to create a new original negative with whatever changes or alterations the copyright holder of the moment desires. The copyright holders, so far, have not been completely diligent in preserving the original negatives of films they control. In order to reconstruct old negatives, many archivists have had to go to Eastern bloc countries where American films have been better preserved.

When I wrote it [Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith], Iraq didn't exist… We were just funding Saddam Hussein and giving him weapons of mass destruction. We didn't think of him as an enemy at that time. We were going after Iran and using him as our surrogate, just as we were doing in Vietnam… The parallels between what we did in Vietnam and what we're doing in Iraq now are unbelievable…

On the making of Star Wars: When you're directing, you have to get up at four thirty [A.M], have breakfast at five, leave the hotel at six, drive an hour to location, start shooting at eight, and finish shooting around six. Then you wrap, go to your office, and set up the next day's work. You get back to the hotel about eight or nine, hopefully get a bite to eat, then you go to your room and figure out your homework, how you're going to shoot the next day's scenes, then you go to sleep. The next morning it starts all over again.

The ideals and principles for which Dr King fought have never been forgotten and are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago.

They were at the wrong place at the wrong time naturally they became heroes

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George T.
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Lucas, fully George Walton Lucas, Jr.
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American Film Producer, Screenwriter, Director and Founder/Chairman of Lucasfilm Ltd., known creating the Star Wars franchise and the archaeologist-adventurer character Indiana Jones