German Proverbs


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What the lion cannot, the fox can.

What's the good of a sun-dial in the shade?

When old horses get warm, they are not easily held in.

When the root is worthless, so is the tree.

Where might is right, right is not might.

What man has made, man can destroy.

What the peacock has too little on his head, he has too much on his tail.

What's the use of putting honey in an ass's mouth.

When one goose drinks, all drink.

When the wine runs to waste in the cellar, he mends the cask.

What God haith joined together, let no man put asunder.

What Manchester says today, the rest of England says tomorrow.

What three know will soon be known to thirty.

When a dove begins to associate with crows its feathers remain white but its heart grows black.

When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out at the window.

When the word is out, it belongs to another.

What goes around, comes around.

What Master Jacky does not learn, Mr. John never knows.

What we want in hay we make up in straw.

When a man is down, everybody runs over him.

When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game.

When two dogs fight for a bone, and the third runs off with it, there's a lawyer among the dogs.

What goes down usually comes up.

What one does not bake, another brews.

What you do, do quickly.

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