German Proverbs


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When the fox preaches, look to the geese.

Where ghosts walk, there is loving or thieving.

What is bravely ventured is half-way gained (won).

What should a cow do with a nutmeg?

What! Keep a dog and bark myself?

When fortune knocks, open the door.

When the fox wants to catch geese, he wags his tail.

Where God bestows an office, he provides brains to fill it.

What is no sin, is no shame.

What signifies the barking of a dog that don't bite?

Whatever is given to the poor, is laid out of the reach of fortune.

When God says today, the devil says tomorrow.

When the guest is in most favor, he will do well to quit.

Where God has a temple, the devil has a chapel. Where the devil cannot come, he will send.

What is not taken by the Church is taken by the Exchequer.

What smarts teaches.

Whatever is to be a nettle, burns early.

When I rest, I rust.

When the hen had laid an egg she cackles.

Where gold avails, argument fails.

What is right for the one is reasonable for the other.

What smoke is to the eyes, and vinegar is to the teeth, is truth to the ears.

What's of no use is too dear at a gift.

When it blows, the trees shake.

When the horse dies, dismount.

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