Greek Proverbs


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Young wood makes a hot fire.

Your child and your dog (behave) the way you teach them.

Youth (or love) and a cough can't be hidden.

Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.

The doctor is the worst patient.

The old woman didn't have a demon (i.e., problem) and she was buying piglets.

The tongue has no bones, yet it breaks bones.

Time has turns, and the year has weeks.

What you learn as a child, you cannot forget as an old person.

Where many die, there is no fear of death.

You are looking for fleas in the straw.

Sweet is the memory of past labor.

The donkey called the rooster bigheaded.

The one hand washes the other, and both wash the face.

The unknown is ever imagined.

To be loved is something.

What you wish for when you're sober, you act-out when drunk.

Where rage seeds, repentance reaps.

You are singing the song too high.

Swift gratitude is the sweetest.

The drowning man grips to his own hair.

The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing.

The uphill is followed by a downhill.

To deceive a diplomat speak the truth, He has no experience with it.

Whatever is good to know is difficult to learn.

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