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Whoever gets burnt by (hot) soup blows the (cool) yogurt.

You gave a knife, you'll take a knife.

The beginning is half of every action.

The house of envy lies in the lowest hollows, golden, sunless, breathed upon by no wind, grim and filled full of inert chill, and lacking warmth, is always roiled in fog.

The saint who works no miracles isn't glorified.

The wolf has a thick neck because he does his work alone.

To the sick you give medicine, to a suffering person a good word.

When it comes to taste anything goes, even eating the Zucchini Plant flower/tops.

Whoever has a lot of pepper even puts it on cabbage.

You will break the bow if you keep it always bent.

The big fish eats the little one.

The illiterate person is like an uncarved piece of wood.

The sea gives them and the sea takes them back.

The woman who doesn't wish to bake bread, spends five days sifting the flour.

Too many opinions sink the boat.

When poverty comes in through the door, love goes out through the window.

Whoever has the beard, has the combs.

The camel does not see her own hump.

The kettle rolled down and found the lid.

The sea is blue but the wind turns her black.

The worst deaf is the one who doesn't want to hear.

Truth is not beauty, beauty is not love.

When the cat is absent, the mice dance.

Whoever was born in prison, remembers the prison.

The centuries copy each other.

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