Guru Nanak


Indian Religions Leader, Founder of Sikhism

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They do those deeds which the Creator Lord causes them to do, they attempt no other actions.

Those known as celibates knowing not the right device, discard house and home.

Those who take bribes, cheats and rogues, gamblers, those who live by teaching the performance of auspicious ceremonies, sanctimonious hypocrites, and fortune tellers, Officials of high rank and physicians who act improperly, men living by showing their proficiency in arts, and clever harlots. These and the like who show themselves openly, as well as others who walk in disguise ,such as non-Aryans who wear the marks of Aryans, he should know to be thorns in the side of his people .

Through virtuous conduct he obtains long life, through virtuous conduct desirable offspring, through virtuous conduct imperishable wealth, virtuous conduct destroys the effect of inauspicious marks.

Weep and mourn if you must, the beloved soul is bound and driven off.

When inanimate ,things are used ,for staking money on them , that is called among men gambling , when animate beings are used ,for the same purpose , one must know that to be betting .

Whoever has come, will rise up and leave, this world is a false show.

Yet in a kingdom containing seven constituent parts, which is upheld like the triple staff of an ascetic, there is no single part more important than the others by reason of the importance of the qualities of each for the others.

They gather in merits, and eliminate demerits, and become self-realized.

Those sons, who have been mentioned in connection with the legitimate son of the body being begotten by strangers, belong in reality to him from whose seed they sprang, but not to the other man who took them.

Those who worship and adore the Name of the Lord are rid of their suffering and sins. The True Guru has placed the sword of spiritual wisdom in my hands? I have overcome and slain the Messenger of Death.

Throughout the ages, know Him as the One.

Were you to live through four ages, or even ten times more, were you known on all nine continents, and were to gain universal following, were you to earn fame and praise from all of mankind, if you have not his grace, nothing will save you.

When it pleases You, then I am satisfied and satiated.

Whoever, styling himself as a teacher lives on the charity of others, never bow before him. He who earns his livelihood by the sweat of Hasbro and shares it with others. O Nanak only he can know the way

You are the Destroyer of pain, the Giver of absolute peace, I am a stone please carry me across and save me.

They go to holy places for a bath, Their minds are impure and bodies are like thieves; If by bath their dirt drops down, they got on themselves twice as much dirt and ego.

Those two creatures, who are born of wives of other men, cause to the giver the loss of the rewards, both in this life and after death, for the food sacred to gods or manes which has been given to them.

Those who worship in adoration the Name of the Lord, their pain, doubt and fear are dispelled.

Thus has been declared the ever pure popular usage ,which regulates the relations between husband and wife, hear ,next the laws concerning children which are the cause of happiness in this world and after death.

What is well, let him call well, or let him say well only, let him not engage in a useless enmity or dispute with anybody.

When one?s time is up, and the measure is full, this dear soul is caught, and driven off.

Why do you listen to falsehood? It shall vanish like a gust of wind.

You are the True Judge. You created comings and goings, but You are ever stable, O Creator Lord.

They have the jewel treasure in their own homes, but still, they are hungry, those unlucky wretches are far away from the Lord.

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Indian Religions Leader, Founder of Sikhism