Guru Nanak


Indian Religions Leader, Founder of Sikhism

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Those who eradicate self-conceit obtain their Husband Lord and delight in His Love. Forever attuned to His Love, in perfect poise and grace, she repeats His Name night and day.

Through a son he conquers the worlds, through a son s son he obtains immortality, but through his son s grandson he gains the world of the sun.

True is the Lord and Master, and True is His Name, His Gracious Glance brings rapture. Those who are separated from their Beloved Husband Lord weep and wail, but my True Husband Lord is always with me.

Whatever kind on seed is sown in a field, prepared in due season, a plant of that same kind, marked with the peculiar qualities of the seed, springs up in it.

When those persons offer sacrificial viands in the fire, it is unlucky for holy men it displeases the gods, let him therefore avoid it.

Without the Name, no one is emancipated. All are bound by the Messenger of Death.

Your humble servant, lovingly embraces Your meditation, O Lord, please be with me always.

They alone weep, who forget their Husband Lord.

This earth, indeed, is called the primeval womb of created beings, but the seed develops not in its development any properties of the womb.

Those who give to thieves fire, food, arms, or shelter, and receivers of stolen goods, the ruler shall punish like thieves.

Through good fortune, we meet such friends and relatives, who meet with the Guru, and escape the noose of Death.

Under Guru s Instruction, one comes to understand His Command, by His Command, one is united in His Union.

Whatever may be the separate property of the mother, that is the share of the unmarried daughter alone, and the son of an appointed daughter shall take the whole estate of his maternal grandfather who leaves no son.

Whenever any legal transaction has been completed or a punishment been inflicted according to the law, he shall sanction it and not annul it.

Without the Name, some are deluded by doubt, but others, imbued with the Name, enshrine love for the Lord.

They also call those first of twice born men the ancient deities of the funeral sacrifice, free from anger, easily pleased, employed in making men prosper.

This is the chief rule to be followed in offering sacrifices to the gods and manes, know that the virtuous always observe the following subsidiary rule.

Those who have found the True Guru, the True Guru the Lord God unites them in His Union.

Through that son whom ,a daughter , either not appointed or appointed, may bear to ,a husband of equal ,caste , his maternal grandfather ,has a son s son, he shall present the funeral cake and take the estate.

Under Guru s Instruction, we trade in the Lord s Name, its value is so very great.

Whatever pleases the Almighty Lord that alone comes to pass, this world is an opportunity to please Him.

Whether he be rich or even in distress, let him not seek wealth through pursuits to which men cleave, nor by forbidden occupations, nor let him accept presents from any giver whosoever he may be .

Without the True Lord, no one is his friend, reflect upon this as true.

They are entangled in this love, on account of their past actions, which no one can erase. The One who created the Universe, beholds it, no other is as great as He.

Those appointed to administer public affairs, who, baked by the fire of wealth, mar the business of suitors, the king shall deprive of their property.

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Indian Religions Leader, Founder of Sikhism