Guru Nanak


Indian Religions Leader, Founder of Sikhism

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A king is declared to be equal ,in wickedness to a butcher who keeps a hundred thousand slaughter houses, to accept presents from him is a terrible, crime .

A king who thus duly fulfills his duties in accordance with justice, may seek to gain countries which he has not yet gained, and shall duly protect them when he has gained them.

A man who crushes clods, tears off grass, or bites his nails, goes soon to perdition, likewise an informer and he who neglects ,the rules of purification.

A man who follows the conduct of the virtuous, has faith and is free from envy, lives a hundred years, though he be entirely destitute of auspicious marks.

A barren wife may be superseded in the eighth year, she whose children, all die in the tenth, she who bears only daughters in the eleventh, but she who is quarrelsome without delay.

A blind man by his presence causes to the giver of the feast the loss of the reward for ninety guests , a one eyed man for sixty, one who suffers from white leprosy for a hundred, and one punished by a terrible disease for a thousand.

A boar makes the rite useless by inhaling the smell of the offerings, a cock by the air of his wings, a dog by throwing his eye on them , a low caste man by touching them.

Through shallow intellect, the mind becomes shallow, and one eats the fly, along with the sweets.

The hungry man is not in the proper frame of mind to pray. Let him first eat, and then pray.

The limit of the secret of [God’s] heart cannot be known.

As the lotus lives in water detached, as the duck floats without drenching, so does one cross the ocean of life. If one’s mind is attuned to the word, one lives with detachment, enshrines the Lord in his mind, and sees the unperceivable and unfathomable.

Make divine knowledge thy food, compassion thy store-keeper, and the voice which is in every heart the pipe to call to repast.

Regard all men as equal, since God’s light is contained in the heart of each.

The holy man is the true lover by whom the Truly Beloved is found. Man is then happy night and day, and naturally absorbed in God. The holy man may laugh; the holy man may weep. Whatever he does, is in God’s service.

Religion consisteth not in mere works; he who looketh on all men as equal is religious.

There is one God, eternal truth is his name, Creator of all things, and the all-pervading spirit. Fearless and without hatred, timeless and formless. Beyond birth and death, self-enlightened.

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Indian Religions Leader, Founder of Sikhism