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These three are the marks of a Jew - a tender heart, self-respect, and charity

Time heals old pain, while it creates new ones.

What use is a candle at mid-day?

When swindlers meet a genuinely honest man, they're so astonished they regard him as a

Who can find a woman of valor? Her price is far above rubies.

Whoever seeks cake loses his bread.

You can confer a meritous deed upon any man in his absence, but you cannot confer liability upon another except in his presence

Nobody leaves us, we only leave others.

Only love gives us the taste of eternity.

Pride is the mask of one's own faults.

Slander slays three persons: the speaker, the spoken to, and the spoken of.

The air of the land of israel makes one wise.

The court is most merciful when the accused is most rich.

The latter end of the thief will be his hanging.

The place honors not the man; it is the man who honors the place.

The Torah can be interpreted in 49 different ways. Gold told Moses, Decide according to the

There are three persons from whom the curtain is not sealed-off: [He that suffers] oppression; [he that incurs a loss because of] theft; [and he that worships] idolatry.

Never enter your house on a sudden! How much more, your neighbor's house!

Not every man is privileged to eat from two tables.

Only that labor which comes with pre-meditated thought has the Law (Torah) prohibited.

Pride joined with many virtues chokes them all.

Small children, a headache. Big children, heartache.

The angry man is controlled by many and variegated manifestations of hell.

The cure for anxiety about the future is not nostalgia for the past.

The law of a Government is the law of the land.

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