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No man can hurt his finger in this terrestrial world lest it were first decreed upon him in the celestial world.

On the tip of the tongue lies the fate of the entire world.

Out of sight - out of mind

Prostitutes and soldiers everyone else is useless to the objective of an idea.

Sometimes the position does not make the man, but the man makes the position.

The beginning of sin is sweet; its end is bitter.

The Divine Law, the land of Israel and the world to come are all acquired through afflictions.

The man who gives little with a smile gives more than the man who gives much with a frown.

The rich man carries G-d in his pocket, the poor man in his heart.

The wise man's nakedness is between his loins, and that of the fool between his cheeks.

There is no greater beauty than that of logic.

No man can touch a thing which has been designated for another.

One bird in the hand is better than two on the tree.

People are like grass in the field: some blossom, some wither.

Real success is success of the soul.

Sympathy doesn't provide food, but it makes hunger more endurable.

The best horse needs a whip, the wisest man advice, and the chastest woman a man.

The door of success is marked push and pull.

The mind of each is different from that of the other, just as the face of each is different from that of the other.

The richest inheritance might become a burden.

The woman is stingy towards the guests, more so than the man.

There is no kingdom which can lord itself over another [kingdom], even if it were but the space of a hair's breadth [in time].

No man finds contentment except through his first wife.

One does not learn by way of example from a callow fellow.

People come to poverty in two ways accumulating debts and paying them off.

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