Herbie Hancock, fully Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock

Hancock, fully Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock

American Pianist, Keyboardist, Bandleader and Composer, part of Miles Davis's Second Great Quintet

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The first thing I ever heard about synthesizers, they were being used in rock.

There's so much spontaneity involved, what do you practice? How do you practice teamwork? How do you practice sharing? How do you practice daring? How do you practice being nonjudgmental?

We're dealing with jazz, so we don't have pop/mainstream budgets.

When you try to define a purity as being something that's closed and limited, you're not talking about the music that I play called jazz.

I wonder where she came from, I wonder where she's gotta go. Who's to say she's single and who's to say she's on her own... Girls like that don't sleep alone

It hit me like a ton of bricks, and I had to almost hide my face, because tears were welling up in my eyes. Just the thought of playing with Bird, wow!

Jazz has borrowed from other genres of music and also has lent itself to other genres of music.

Now we see that we have to pay attention to the environment. We have to protect it. It's become a real issue and a lot of people are still looking at it from a 20th century standpoint.

So in other words, we were constantly challenged to grow, and that's what a master does.

The mixture of all kinds of things, all kinds of beings - it's just like what we have here in this country.

They brought what they do to the table, and I brought what I do to the table,

We've been looking at machines for so long, I really wish the technology community would look at human beings first for a change, let's balance the thing out.

While knowledge may provide useful point of reference, it cannot become a force to guide the future.

I would be all over the piano, but Miles would play a few notes that would just wipe out all that fancy stuff I was playing.

It is people's hearts that move the age.

Jazz is a music that is open enough to borrow from any other form of music, and has the strength to influence any other form of music.

Nowadays people jog and listen to music. Work out and listen to music. They've got these headphones on all the time. It's just the normal scene.

So my parents, particularly my mother, she noticed that I seemed to be interested, so on my seventh birthday my parents got me a piano.

The music becomes something that is its own entity.

Things like creating in the moment, being in the moment, trusting your instincts, not being afraid to go outside the comfort zone.

What establishes value is something that is going to move humanity forward. If humanity is not in the equation, it's like the planet without any human beings on it.

Wisdom corresponds to the future; it is philosophy.

If people are pleased that there is a popular acceptance of anything that came from me, I'm thrilled, you know, and flattered.

It might have been somewhat derivative otherwise, and I'm not the kind of person who's satisfied with being derivative.

Jazz is about being in the moment.

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Hancock, fully Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock
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American Pianist, Keyboardist, Bandleader and Composer, part of Miles Davis's Second Great Quintet