Hungarian Proverbs


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This ship is gone.

Truth is scraped out even by a hen.

What fails to succeed, should not be forced.

Where need is great, help is nearby.

Time is money.

Truth may be told in a joke too.

What has that got to do with it.

Where one trusts, there he gets fat.

Time passes, it waits for nobody.

Try and combine the pleasant with the useful.

What he gains at the toll, loses at the customs.

Where pig is proffered, go round with a sack.

Tit for tat.

Try to be in good company, even when you are alone.

What is delayed may happen later.

Where there are many masters the servant becomes mad.

To an earthenware dish a wooden spoon.

Two dogs can hardly agree on one bone.

What is noticed by his eyes, will not be left there by his hands.

Where there is no bridge the smallest plank is of great value.

To be silent is golden, to speak is silvern.

Two pipers cannot get on in one tavern.

What is on his heart, that is on his tongue.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

The horse should worry, he has a big head.

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