Hungarian Proverbs


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What Jove may do, the ox may not.

Who gets mixed up with garbage will be eaten by pigs.

To get out of the bed on the wrong side.

Until we are only poorly paid, we shall also poorly work.

What was given by God to one, cannot be taken away by man.

To plant an insect into one's ear.

Unwillingness ends in groaning.

What was stolen by the house, will be returned by it.

To pour clean water into the glass.

Wait, it is not that bad.

What we keep silence about, does not exist.

To pull somebody by a wire.

Watch her mother before you marry a girl.

What you do not wish for yourself, do not do it to your fellowmen either.

To whom God gives an office, adds also senses to it.

We do not care for the little and the great is of no importance.

What you have cooked, you should eat as well.

Today it is enough to do it by one finger, tomorrow it will be necessary by ten nails.

We do not live to eat, but we eat to live.

What's gone, is gone.

This is already a gnawed bone.

Today to me, tomorrow to you.

We have seen a hare, we shall have no luck.

When a wolf is mentioned, he is already walking round the garden.

The gypsy is not accustomed to ploughing.

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