Hungarian Proverbs


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A crow does not pick out the crow's eye.

A great stone fell down from his heart.

A man with good judgment does not make the goat his gardener.

A dialogue between deaf people.

A habit is first a wanderer, then a guest, and finally the boss.

A master is a master in hell as well.

A dog that barks does not bite.

A hasty work is seldom good.

A master's request is a command.

Knowledge is power.

Opportunity makes the thief.

He who dares, wins.

They catch up with a liar sooner than with a limping dog.

Nobody is hanged for thinking.

There is no such place in the world from which a path would not lead to hell.

With God’s protection even a cobweb is a castle.

A child, a drunkard and a fool tell the truth.

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