Hungarian Proverbs


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The hand of each saint inclines towards himself.

The midwife should have cut his throat rather than his navel.

There are more days than sausages.

There is no worthless thing which could not be used for something.

The hangman is being hanged.

The mills of God grind slowly, but surely.

There are still errors.

There is not only one pied dog in the world.

The head of each stick is at its end.

The Moor has done his duty, the Moor may go.

There is a dialogue between deaf people.

There is thick sandal leather on his face.

The bite of a dog is healed by the hair of it.

The dog barks but caravan goes on.

The black soup is still ahead.

The dog is buried here.

The brave have all the luck.

The dry leaves do not rustle if no wind blows.

The bride is too beautiful.

The exception confirms the rule.

The cask savours of the first fill.

The flavor of health is given by an illness.

The castle of Buda was not built in one day.

The forest has an ear, the field has an eye.

The cat also likes fish but keeps away from water.

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