Hungarian Proverbs


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The horse that draws better is beaten.

The song of the man whose cart you sit on.

There is no coat big enough to hide both poverty and drunkenness.

They are rowing in the same ship.

The horse's leg protrudes.

The trees do not grow up to the sky.

There is no impossibility, only unwillingness.

They blow one stone.

The Hungarian justice is three.

The wind fells the oak, but cannot cope with the reed.

There is no joy without sorrow.

They grind in two mills.

The common horse has scars on his back.

The goat has enough to eat and the cabbage remains.

The congregation is poor, the priest rings the bell himself.

The good/bad example is catching. [It could even be followed.]

The crowd is not led by the head but by the heart.

The grape is sour.

The Danube could be dammed by them.

The great thief escapes, the small one hangs.

The apple does not fall far from its tree.

The developments have led to the breaking if bread.

The apple falls close to its tree.

The devil does not sleep.

The believer is happy; the doubter is wise

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