Hungarian Proverbs


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The dry leaves do not rustle if no wind blows.

The bride is too beautiful.

The exception confirms the rule.

The cask savours of the first fill.

The flavor of health is given by an illness.

The castle of Buda was not built in one day.

The forest has an ear, the field has an eye.

The cat also likes fish but keeps away from water.

The former highwayman men are the best gendarmes.

The child is dead the godfathership has ended.

The garret is full of promises.

The common horse has scars on his back.

The goat has enough to eat and the cabbage remains.

The congregation is poor, the priest rings the bell himself.

The good/bad example is catching. [It could even be followed.]

The crowd is not led by the head but by the heart.

The grape is sour.

The Danube could be dammed by them.

The great thief escapes, the small one hangs.

Something is better than nothing.

Soup is not eaten as hot as it is cooked.

Sparrows cannot be caught by beating a drum.

Speak praises or nothing of the dead.

Stop up the hole until it's small.

Stretch yourself as far as your cover reaches.

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