Hungarian Proverbs


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Rust cannot do any harm to gold.

Scrapes you short man, and you will also have.

Several eyes see more.

Like the ocean in a drop.

Man was given a tongue with which to

More credit is given to the eyes than to the ears.

Not even the priest will speak, preach twice.

One has to tighten the belt.

Order is the soul of everything.

Like tree, like fruit.

Many a little becomes much.

More was lost at Mohacs.

Not everything is gold which is shiny.

One likes the priest, someone else his wife, I prefer his daughter.

Other people's eggs have two yolks.

Like wash-basin, like towel.

Many cooks put too much salt in the soup, food.

Mountain does not meet mountain but man does meet man.

Not to overstretch the string.

One need not throw out the child with the bathwater.

Out of a dog there will be no lard.

Little money, little football.

Many drops hollow the stone.

Much water will flow in the Danube until then.

Nothing is new under the sun.

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