Irvin D. Yalom

Irvin D.

American Existentialist Psychiatrist, Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University, Fiction and Nonfiction Author

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I must stop him from being one of those who call themselves good because they have no claws.

If I'm among men who don't agree at all with my nature, I will hardly be able to accommodate myself to them without greatly changing myself. A free man who lives among the ignorant strives as far as he can to avoid their favors. A free man acts honestly, not deceptively. Only free men are genuinely useful to one another and can form true friendships. And it's absolutely permissible, by the highest right of Nature, for everyone to employ clear reason to determine how to live in a way that will allow him to flourish.

It is easier, far easier, to obey another than to command oneself.

Love is not just a passion spark between two people; there is infinite difference between falling in love and standing in love. Rather, love is a way of being, a giving to, not a falling for; mode of relating a at large, not an act limited to a single person.

More in love with desire than with the desired!

One of the most important principles of groups is that each group is a world in miniature - whatever environment we create in the group reflects the way we choose to live. Everyone in the group creates the same kind of social environment that we have in our real life.

Reading these books. Oh, the endless labor of the intellectual-pouring all this knowledge into the brain through a three-millimeter aperture in the iris.

Spinoza: My goal is not to change Judaism. My aim extremist eliminate all religions and religious make a world where all people fully understand the nature in search of ways to achieve their salvation

The first man loves his enthusiasm, after paying his person.

The problem is me, who are safer, more comfortable with who, who are happy forever? I'll tell you the answer: Only shallow-minded ones, so ordinary people and children!

This Spake Zarathustra was a brave book which more than any other, Julius thought, teaches how to revere and celebrate life. . . . To change 'it was' into 'thus I willed it' - that alone shall I call redemption.'

Too many people are overly respectful, braying, ?You?re so brave? and Irv fell smack into that trap. After all what?s so courageous about having cancer? Once we have it, what choice do we have? But the worst thing of all?and thank God Irv doesn?t do this, at least not yet?is all this nonsensical talk about a patient?s courageous struggle with cancer that all too often ends in defeat. How many obituaries do you see stating that so-and-so lost their courageous battle with cancer? I hate that! I absolutely hate it! If someone put that in my obituary, I?d come back and kill him!

Whenever I am mistaken on the question of aftoapokalypsis is why I share too little, not too much. But whenever I have shared many things my own, patients have always benefited realizing that I too have to fight with t 'human problems, like those.

I often feel caught in a dilemma: on the one hand I wish to be more natural with you and yet, on the other hand, because I feel that you?re easily wounded and that you give my comments inordinate power, I feel I must consider my wording very, very carefully.

If it weren?t for errant passion, death, despair, and loss, the great bulk of art would never have been born.

It is noteworthy and remarkable to see how man, besides his life in the concrete, always lives a second life in the abstract ... (where) in the sphere of calm deliberation, what previously possessed him completely and moved him intensely appears to him cold , colorless, and distant: he is a mere spectator and observer.

Love is not loving person; actually intended to be the absolute owner of the person that he loved. All requests to abstraction from the whole world that valuable property. Gold is so low-spirited dragon guarding the beginning. Something the world does not love, indifference is in contrast to all other living things.

More often swallow your happiness in the very words.

One reason patients are reluctant to work in a therapy group is they fear that things will go too far, that the powerful therapist or the collective group might coerce them to lose control--to say or think or feel things that will be catastrophic. The therapist can make the group feel safer by allowing each patient to set his or her limits and by emphasizing the patient's control over every interaction.

Religion has everything on its side: revelation, prophecies, government protection, the highest dignity and eminence... and more than this, the invaluable prerogative of being allowed to imprint its doctrines on the mind at a tender age of childhood, whereby they become almost innate ideas.

Spinoza: sacraments to the conclusion that our society does not have anything to do with the law of God, nothing to do with happiness and piety and love, and all of them continued power and influence of the rabbi

The flower replied: You fool! Do you imagine I blossom in order to be seen? I blossom for my own sake because it pleases me, and not for the sake of others. My joy consists in my being and my blossoming.

The prophets were human beings who have the luxury of bright ideas were not necessarily power reasoning very grown up.

This world is supposed to have been made ??by a God? No, much better by a devil!

Too often, we therapists neglect our personal relationships. Our work becomes Our life.

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American Existentialist Psychiatrist, Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford University, Fiction and Nonfiction Author