Italian Proverbs


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Whoever stays awake longest must blow out the candle.

Who has no money must have no wishes.

Who judges soon, soon repents.

Who loves, fears.

Who suffers from love, feels no pain.

Whom God will destroy, he first make mad.

Who has no plagues makes himself some.

Who keeps company with a wolf will learn to howl.

Who makes the wolf his companion should carry a dog under his cloak.

Who takes a lion at a distance fears a mole present.

Willows are weak, yet serve to bind bigger wood.

Who has no shame all the world is his own.

Who knows most says least.

Who more busy than they who have least to do?

Who takes an eel by the tail and a woman at her word, may say he holds nothing.

Wine is old men's milk.

Who has not is not.

Who knows most, forgives most.

Who moves, picks up, who stands still, dries up.

Who throws a stone at the sky, it falls back on his head.

Wine, women, and tobacco reduces one to ashes.

Who has not served cannot command.

Who knows most, knows least.

Who needs, inquire.

Who troubles others has no rest himself.

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