Italian Proverbs


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Who has a head of wax should not be in the sunshine.

Who has something is something.

Who knows not the game, let him not play.

Who pays beforehand is served behindhand.

Who will not be ruled by the rudder must be ruled by the rock.

With art and knavery we live through half the year; with knavery and art we live through the other.

Who has a tongue in his head can go all the world over.

Who has, is.

Who laughs at others' ills, has his own behind the door.

Who saves, saves for the cat.

Who wishes for a short Lent let him contract debts to be paid at Easter.

With patience you go beyond knowledge.

Who has love in his heart has spurs in his sides.

Who hath little shame the world is all his own.

Who lies down with dogs gets up with fleas.

Who seeks a quarrel will find it near at hand.

Who would have many friends let him test but few.

With so many roosters crowing, the sun never comes up.

Who has never done thinking never begins doing.

Who hath no courage must have legs.

Who lives by hope will die of hunger.

Who serves the public, serves no one.

Who would make money must begin by spending it.

With the first wife is matrimony, the second company, the third heresy.

Who has no children does not know what love is.

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