Jacques Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac

Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac

French Politician, President and Prime Minister of France

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Where is the president when such serious events are taking place?

Will it succeed? ... I cannot say. I hope so. But I am not at all sure.

Will never forget the men who agreed to make the supreme sacrifice to liberate our soil, our country, our continent from the yoke of Nazi barbarity. It will never forget what it owes America, our eternal friend.

Will not accept that external conflicts pit French against French on our soil.

Will of course be handed over to (French) justice authorities, who as you know have opened a judicial investigation into their cases...

Without waiting, I asked the government to start the procedures necessary to put such a levy in place next year,

Would not have to accept Europe's subjugation in space matters.

Yes, I am a candidate... I'm happy to have told you. I therefore commit myself, before the French people.

You are my personal friend. Let me assure you of my esteem, consideration and bond.

You are not going to solve the problems by brandishing a sword, especially a wooden one.

You cannot trust people who have such bad cuisine. It is the country with the worst food after Finland.

Whatever our origins, we are all the children of the Republic, and we can all expect the same rights,

You know very exactly the reasons that led to my week in the hospital.

When I say as quickly as possible, I of course mean months, not years.

You only have to look back at 1935. There were people then who were against France arming itself, and look what happened.

When it comes to punishing this murderous folly, France will be at the side of the United States.

Your worries and find solutions to problems that for too long have been neglected.

When this decision is arrived at by the United States and after discussions and consultations with ourselves, I believe that neither England nor France could fail to be present if the response is... effective.

Zones without law cannot exist in the republic.

When you are in the family... you have more rights than when you are asking to join and knocking on the door.

Serb authorities have had an unacceptable behavior for too long with regard to the Kosovo Albanians.

The Austrian government deserves merit for speaking openly what a majority of the citizens think: that a promise of accession will not be made good.

The government and I are determined to fight against terrorism in all its forms. Nothing will be neglected,

The republic is completely determined to be stronger than those who want to sow violence or fear... The last word must be from the law.

There is a problem and that problem is one of equality of opportunity and respect for everyone in the republic.

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Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac
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French Politician, President and Prime Minister of France